I don't see what people's problems are. Ok so you don't like Emo's or Moshers or whatever, but you don't have to go around making fun of them and stuff. I mean it's who they are, how they feel about things. Can't we all just leave people alone.
If you were made fun of who you were, wouldn't you be pretty upset or angry about it?

Well I would be I think. Even if some of you wouldn't be.

Some of you are probably thinking she's talking a load of nonsense, but no.
We all have 'labels' some way or another we all kinda fit into that 'category' and it's these opinions saying 'argh I hate emos. I can't stand them' and things like that which annoy me. Can't people leave their opinions about other people's lifestyles to themselves?

Ok we live in a democracy where all opinions should be heard, but shouldn't those opinions be about something worthwhile, like changing things environmentally and politcally, instead of moaning about how other people live.
Posted on April 7th, 2007 at 07:35am


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