The future is unwritten!

Its official! The future is unwritten, a film by Julian Temple [The filth and the fury] about Joe Strummer is hitting the cinemas on May 18th. It has gotten great critics and has appeared on Sundance Festival. There is also going to be a soundtrack.

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I have been waiting for this film since the first time I have heard about. I am amazingly happy right now and I cant wait to by myself a box of popcorns and finally watch it. Being an enormous fan of Joe Strummer I am already excited about seeing it, but anyone who is interested in a good rock n roll story should see it! The reviews are amazing, but one thing that made me believe that the film is going to be truly outstanding is the movie trailer. That clips of Joe made me cry. Well, don't wont to be a crying fan, now do I? Just check out the trailer and see the film! I recommend it Wink
Posted on April 9th, 2007 at 04:35pm


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