How is tatooing a need?

I absolutly hate my grandfather's girlfriend. I wish my grandmother was back
[God rest her soul]

Anyways, the girlfriend's name is Lolly.
She's so ignorant and has a damn opinion about everything
Like, Friday night, everyone was having a good time, and completely wasted
One of my family members made a joke about the war or something
Then, she went on this whole policitcal rant!
I was like
"SHUT THE HELL UP! You're ruining everyone's time. We're drunk, we don't give two flying fucks!"

Ugh. Then she went on about tatoos.

She said that's the most horrible thing somebody could ever do to themselves
[don't know about you, but, I could list many many others.]

Now, about half my family has tatoos.
God bless my family for not taking about the shotgun when she was ranting about it.
I told her I planned on getting one
And she's like
"Blah blah. I don't see why people need tatoos. It's a need. I just don't understand why!"

I told her.
"I don't NEED a tatoo. As much as I want one, I'm not going to freak out if I never get one. It's a want. Not a need."

She said
"Oh yes it is a need young lady. Don't back talk me!"

And my grandfather wouldn't step in just cause he wants to get some. Arggg.
And I couldn't explain to her why I wanted to get a tatoo in the first place because she kept interrupting me.

My grandmother would have never put up with that shit.

So.... a lot of people on here are good debaters
Next time I come across the bitch, pardon me, Lolly, what should I tell her?
Like, how should I explain to her that tatooing isn't a bad thing?
Posted on April 10th, 2007 at 12:35am


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