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The news that a new album is coming out has got the media in a frenzy, and various articles have been posted by USA Today, MTV, and Entertainment Weekly. As many of you know, Blink 182 announced they will be reuniting. The Entertainment Weekly article mentions a rumor that Blink 182 will be opening for Green Day on their tour. Neither Green Day nor Blink 182 has officially confirmed this and this is only a rumor as of now. Rolling Stone also announced that the next issue will feature an interview with Green Day discussing the new album.

As a recap, you may remember that in the AP interview, the band announced the album would contain acts. This isn't really news, but it's relevant to the new album. The acts are song groupings, and what we know goes as follows:

Act 1: Heroes and Cons

1. 21st Century Breakdown
2. Know Your Enemy
3. Viva la Gloria
4. Before the Lobotomy
5. Christian's Inferno
6. Last Night on Earth

Act 2: Charlatans and Saints

March of the Dogs

Act 3: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

February 9th, 2009


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