Being The New Kid Doesn't Always Suck, chapter 17

Tre got an erection right away from the site of Jessica being neud.

"Tre just noww" Jessica moaned inside Tres mouth. He thrusted inside of Jessica. His first thrust, he went gentle to get her comfortable but he got faster and faster. He finally collapsed and layed beside her. They were both panting, out of breath. Jessica turned facing Tre.

"Wow, your amazing" Jessica said

"Aw thanks, your amazing as well" Tre said. They both smiled at eachother. Tre put his hand on Jessicas cheek

"Your so beautiful Jessica, you truly are" Tre said. Jessica blushed and smiled.

"Thanks" Jessica said. Tre wrapped his arms around Jessica and she layed her head on his shoulder. She fell asleep in Tres arms, and Tre fell asleep with her in his arms. Tre awoke to the sound of his cell ringing. He gently got up, he didnt want to wake up Jessica. Its Billie.

"Hello" Tre said happily

"Tre! where the fuck are you and Jessica!?! We had to keep Katie over night cause we couldnt find you two!" Billie yelled

"Whoa whoa whoa calm down man. Im at Jessicas hotel room." Tre said

"Oh god. What did you two do" Billie said

"What? nothing man nothing!" Tre said sounding guitly

"Yea well get your ass down here soon man we gotta get going" Billie joe said

"Yea, yea" Tre said

"C ya"

"Bye" Tre said. Tre slid back in bed. Jessica stirred and woke up.

"Hey" She said smiling.

"Mornin" Tre said back. Tre kissed her on the forehead.

"You want any coffee? or.." Tre said

"Water and asprin is fine" Jessica said.

"Haha okay, Ill go get some" Tre said as he slipped on some pants and a shirt.

"Ill be right back" Tre said

"Okay" Jessica said. Tre walked out the door and down to the lobby. Jessica layed there thinking about last night, thinking about how amazing Tre was. But he was married. It felt so wrong but so right. She got up and put on a tank top and some shorts. When Tre got back she was sitting on the couch curled up in a ball watching some talk show. Tre came and sat beside her with some asprin and a glass of water.

"Here ya go" Tre said handing it to her.

"Thanks" Jessica said smiling, once again.

"You know, you have a real pretty smile" Tre said

"why thanks Tre, you got a cute one there too" Jessica said pinching Tres cheeks.

"I gotta get ready, Were off to florida" Tre said getting up.

"Oh Okay" Jessica said....

***1 year has passed***

"Geeze i dont get any piece and quiet" Tre whispered to himself.

"What do you want" Tre said

"Um Hi Tre. I have the papers right here in my hands" Lisea said

"What?" Tre said

"The fucking divorce papers" Lisea said

"Oh, OH! Geeze finally" Tre said

"I actually got them a while ago but i hesitated to sign them or call you" Lisea said

"Your sure you want to do this?" Lisea asked Tre.

"Ready as ever" Tre said. Lisea was upset, it seemed as if Tre wanted a divorce. Well he did.

"Okay" Lisea said

"Im signing my name" She added.

"You can send me those papers right? so i can sign them?" Tre asked

"Yea of course" Lisea said

"Okay well Lisea i have to go"

"Okay bye Tre"

"Bye" They both hung up. Its been a while since Tre called up Jessica or even seen her. He searched everywhere for that napkin. He finally found it after a good 30 minutes of searching. He dialed the number. He was really nervous.

"Jessica?" Tre said

"Yea thats me" Jessica said

"Holy shit. its Tre"

"Oh my god. Tre! How are you!" Jessica said

"Im good. Im good. Me and Lisea are almost through this divorce." Tre said hinting.

"Oh um Tre...I have .um.." Jessica said it was hard for her to say it.' oh shit oh shit oh shit please dont tell me thats what shes going to say please god no' Tre thought

"I have um i have a boyfriend now.." Jessica said

"Oh. um..well um werent we you know?" Tre said

"Tre, you were and still are a married man. I had sex with a married man. Im not proud of that." Jessica said

"Arent you proud of having sex with Thee Tre cool. The drummer from a famous band?" Tre said

"Of course but your a married man when that happened and it was so wrong.."

"But so right" Tre added.

"Look Jessica, im alm-" He was cut off.

"Tre. No. I cant. I love my boyfriend with all i got and i cant give him up" Jessica said

"Yea but i love you" Tre said. Tre mentaly kicked himself for saying that.

"W-what?? you love me?" Jessica said

"Yea.." Tre said.

"Tre..." Jessica said

"I understand. you dont need to say anymore" Tre said

"Good Bye Jessica" Tre hung up.

"God. fuck dammit" Tre said as he squeezed his fists tight.

"Tre! lets go we have to go New York now. We cant miss this show" Billie joe yelled

"Im coming" Tre said as he slowely got up and walked towards the door. He grabbed his bags and went to the car.


"HELLO NEWYORKKK" Billie screached at the fans. They played most songs off Insomniac and some songs from Dookie. After the show they all hung out at the bar. They all sat on three different bar stools. They ordered the usual, a Jack Daniels. Two young girls came into the bar and sat beside Tre. The one had long brown hair, brown eyes, and a great figure. The other, well she didnt matter. Tre focused on the brunette.

"Hi" Tre said smiling

"Um Hi" The brunette said confused.

"My names Tre, Tre Cool" He stuck out his hand and shook the girls hand

"Um my name is Claudia"

"Nice to meet cha Claudia" Tre said. Claudia smiled. Tre and Claudia talked and laughed about many things for many hours until Tre, Mike, and Billie had to leave.

"Can i get your number Claudia?" Tre asked

"Yea sure" Claudia said. She asked the bartender for a pen and paper. She wrote down her number and handed it to Tre. Tre smiled

"Thanks a lot. ill give you a call" Tre said. Before he left he gave Claudia a kiss on the cheek. Claudia blushed as Tre left. Tre turned around numerous times before he left, until Mike grabbed him by his collar and almost dragged him out.

"Goddamit Kid. You always seem to hit it off with the ladies. I wish it was like that with me. Ever since me and Anastasia divorced i havnt been able to get any girls" Mike said drunkely

"Well, you dont try mikey boy. You gotta whats that word..umm..Loud mouth is good enough. You have to have the confidence to go up to a girl and talk to her" Tre said

"Okayy" Mike said as they walked towards the hotel. When they got back They all dropped dead in there beds. They were pooped out.

"Night guys" Tre said

"G'night Tre" Billie joe said

"Night Tre" Mike said

"See y'all in the mornin" Tre said yawning then falling asleep.
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