Being The New Kid Doesn't Always Suck, chapter 22

Billie got into his car and threw his duffle bag in the passenger seat. He sat there for a few minutes running his hands through his brown short hair. He started his car and drove off. He didn't know where he was going but he just had to leave. As much as he loved Adrienne, at the same time, he couldn't stand her sometimes. He drove and drove until he reached the motel he always goes to miles away from his home. When he got to his room and took out a journal to right in.

"It is now 5:00pm and I'm miles away from home on Christmas Eve. How much of a fucking dick can I get? Leaving my family on Christmas Eve. I'm eventually going to go home, but not yet, I need time alone, alone from my nagging wife and my two kids that constantly fight. I know its a normal family, but its the pressure of being famous, the pressure of always having to be perfect, and the pressure of acceptance from society plus my family adds up to a lot of stress. I know I'm supposed to be one of those 'dangerous bad boys' who don't give a shit what people think, but its really hard when people don't accept you, people don't know how hard it is to famous and they expect a lot from you considering you're a huge success. Well, I'm going now, Bye." Billie took a deep breath and sighed. He lied down on the bed and shut his eyes. He was awoken by his cell. He jumped and fell off the bed. He looked at the id, it was Adrienne.

"Fuck... You can wait" Billie said to himself. His phone rang again, this time it was Mike. Should I answer it? Billie thought.

"Hello" Billie said

"Billie! Where the hell are you? Adrienne is worried sick" Mike yelled into the phone.

"I'm in some motel" Billie said

"Why the fuck are you there!" Mike yelled again

"Because I cant stand Adie and the kids sometimes, I needed to get away" Billie said

"Billie, you have to come home" Mike said. Billie made a disgusted face and hung up. Mike called back but he didn't answer. His phone ran several times either calls from Adrienne, Mike or his Mom. at least Tre didn't try and persuade me to come home. Billie thought to himself. When he woke up the next morning he saw that he had 42 missed calls. Shit was the only word that came out of his mouth. He had one voice mail from Adrienne. He listened to it and almost cried.

"Shit I can't believe I did that" Billie said to himself. Billie stayed there for another week and decided he's had enough alone time. He grabbed his bag and walked out of the door. When he got back to Berkeley it was around 5:00 PM. Adrienne and the kids won't be home now. When he got home everything was dark, except the sparkling lights on their tree. He found a note on the table
"Billie, This is in case you get home. I want you to know that I love you, I don't blame you for leaving. I just noticed how much stress me and the boys put on you. Although I am still upset for you leaving on Christmas Eve, but I don't blame you. Me and the boys are staying at your moms until you come home. I can't stand being in that house without you there. Well, we have to be going now.
-Adrienne, Joey, + Jakob, We Love You." Billie read aloud. When he walked over to the tree he saw a new Les Paul Gibson guitar leaning against the wall, on the tag it said "To Daddy, Love Adrienne, Joey And Jakob." He picked up his new beautiful guitar and plugged it into his new amp. He started playing 'merry Christmas' to get himself back into the Christmas Spirit. He smiled and put down his guitar. He drove over to his moms house and knocked on the door. Joey answered

"DADDY!" Joey screeched jumping into his dads arms

"Hey Joey" Billie said giving his son a hug. Jakob came running around the corner and into his arms. It felt so good to hold his two sons in his arms again.

"Billie" Adrienne said. He looked up and saw his Beautiful wife.

"Adrienne" Billie said embracing his wife in a loving hug.

"I missed you, I was so worried" Adrienne said crying

"Yeah? Well, I love you" Billie said.

"I love you too, I was so miserable without you" Adrienne said

"Well, I'm back now" Billie said

"For good?" Adrienne said

"For good, Ill never leave you again" Billie said.

"And thank you so much for the guitar, I love it" Billie said

"I'm glad"Adrienne said. They spent the rest of the night at Billie's mom's house. They left and went home. They watched Billie open up his presents, Damn was it ever weird opening Christmas present a week later.
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