Break-ups and Make-ups, chapter 1

He stood there.
In the spotlight, sweating. He looked at the audience who waited. For him. Is he going to sing? Is he going to do any of his outrageous moves?
He only stood there looking at the crowd. Then he sighed and started to speak.
"Hey everybody!" everyone cheered as the concert began. "I have something to announce!"
They all ceased in anticipation for what he's going to say.
"I, Billie Joe, am very sad to announce that this is this is the last time were going to perform! Wow, our last concert!" he paused as he heard the gasps and terrified look on all faces.

He looked at Mike and Tre who were quiet and different to him than ever, he knew that this concert is different.
"Yes, I am officially declaring Green Day's break-up!''
In silence he looked at Mike saw the gloomy look on his face.
He looked at Tre and saw the same look.
He knew they weren't happy with the decision but so was he.
They had to say it someday and it had to happen if not sooner, later.
They rocked harder than ever, knowing this is the last time, and they're leaving what they loved most behind.
He sang from his heart while the crowd cheered and joined his as they magically felt his discomfort.
When it was all over, he headed backstage with the guys.
He sat holding his head, as he was a little worn out.
Billie rubbed his forehead over-thinking the decision.
"Maybe it was fate who decided it for me? Who am I kidding? I had to do it! I had no choice!''
He thought of the reason again.
"I can't leave her, not anymore! The band was in the way!'' he thought of his wife, the other reason was his family, too, his boys.
"Hey Billie! Are you okay?" Tre joined him sitting on the couch, "After all, a big announcement like that needed guts!" he smiled.
"Yeah, I'm fine! It was really hard on me to say that! You?"
"I'm okay but I can't believe this is happening, I mean those 16 years were sweet but passed by so quickly! I thought this moment was far away in the future! But it's for our families' sake isn't it? After what happened to Adie in our last tour, you have to be with her man!" he patted on Billie's shoulder.
"Don't remind me! Where's Mike?" he looked around the room realizing that he wasn't anywhere in sigh.
"Oh, he's probably sitting alone! Billie, Mike doesn't and didn't accept this sudden and surprising decision because it's like one day you're in a band and snap! You're not!"
"But I'm coping with it! It's hard but I try!"
"Billie, you are different than Mike! He loved being in Green Day!" he explained.
"So do I but we've got to move on sometime!"
"He won't comprehend the idea of Green Day doesn't exist anymore! To him Green Day isn't a phase it's a way of life!"
"What is there is other ways of life?"
"But Green Day was ours!" Mike said calmly sitting in front of the surprised two. "It was ours Billie! How can you tear apart 16 years in les than 16 seconds? Huh?" he asked in pain.
"It wasn't my fault Mike!"
"But it was your decision Billie!" He slammed his fists on the table, then gave him a wounded look and walked away.
"It was for Adie, Mike! ADIE!" Billie walked behind him.
"Calm down! He needs sometime alone now!" Tre pulled him down to prevent him from going after Mike.
"Why doesn't he understand? My marriage life is in critical danger!"
"We all suffer, not only you!" Tre said calmly.
'' So your on his side now?" he smirked.
"I'm not on anyone's side because there is no such thing! That's what he probably sees right now! We've all been through a lot of shit! But didn't make a big, extreme step like this!"
"But I had to do it! I can't stand what happened to Adie to repeat itself!'' he said with a tear running down his cheek.
He wiped it quickly, but Tre still saw it.
He saw that Billie was really hurting, for the painful memory and the decision, which meant that, he'd had to leave what he loves to what he loves more!
Tre was never an acceptor of this decision but he had to hide it, for Billie his best friend.
Mike had the same opinion but he said it louder and in a more aggressive way.
He got up and decided to have a talk with Mike and left Billie there.
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