Break-ups and Make-ups, chapter 2

*before 2 years*
Adie sat there, thinking about Billie ...
She just put Joseph and Jacob to sleep.
"I really miss him." she sighed, talking to herself.
She felt lonely, as she always felt when he went on tour... loneliness burns, she figured that through the years... especially without him... without a shield to protect her... without some one to lean on. She knew he loved what he did, so she didn't try to object or take it away from him.
She loved him so she wanted him to be happy...
"But!" she thought. "For once! Just for once I wish he'd take me or at least offer!"
But she knew the answer, they were sleeping upstairs!
She sighed and smiled to her thinking about the two boys.
How proud they were with their father!
How proud she was with him!
He always spoke him mind, that was the first thing that attracted her to him!
No hiding, he'd just say it loud!
After a few hours after doing some chores, Adie decided to go out for a while as she was getting bored, but she thought of the kids!
"They'll be fine, just a few hours out to get some fresh air!" She got out of the door locking it.
After she came back home.
"Everything's seems okay! Kids at bed, check! Nothing's missing, check!" she yawned and went upstairs to her and Billie's bedroom. To just fall asleep soundly.
At the middle of the night, she heard a sound.
Running down stairs as fast as she can.
Holding what ever she can carry as a weapon.
She realized something looking at the door.
She had left it unlocked!
So with a knife, slowly searching the rooms, alert as a cat.
But hearing a sound upstairs made her jump and run to Joseph and Jacob rooms.
Then again she couldn't find anything that can be considered as the source of the sound.
Sighing deeply in relief, she was walking to her bedroom.
But as she closed the door she noticed three shades move in the corner of her eye.
Adie looked around her, she was starting to panic, thinking, "Oh my God what was that?" she ran to the kids room to check on them -again-.
When she returned to her room, the door was closed behind!
A scream echoed through the night, a scream which came from no other that herself.
After the show some yelled a call for Billie.
He ran to the phone anxious that'd be his lounging wife who called to express her yearning. Instead, he was shocked by the sound of crying! it was his father in-law Mr. Nesser!
He told him that Adie had been assaulted by anonymous people!
Billie felt like the world is spinning, his tears poured blood!
The rest of the shows were canceled as Billie rushed home on a plane without thinking! Mike and Tre were behind him in every step he took.
They supported him and never complained about the cancellation of the rest of the shows.
Later in those two years Billie never left Adie's sight.
He loved her and wouldn't let anything or anyone hurt her, so he had to put Green Day out of the way, he had to do something.
This decision grew larger and more serious in his mind every day!
'til he had knowledge of their ''American Idiot'' tour or ''the last tour'' as he liked to call it.
At one night he sat with Tre and Mike and told them that decision.
Billie explained everything he had in mind, and focused on what happened to his beloved wife.
Tre wasn't angry as the more he thought of it he saw Billie's point and considered, "This is for Adie and for Billie too, so as hurtful as it is I have to agree!"
Unlike Mike who thought this was complete stupidity! And he said that too in the following terms. "That's not fair Billie! Why should we leave the thing we love the most for a thing that already happened and everyone got over it? This is fuckin' bullshit!"
"Well, I didn't get over it! The kids still have nightmares about it! Just understand! The sooner we finish Green Day the less pain we suffer!"
"But, Green Day is my life man!" Mike moaned holding his head trying to pull himself together.
"I'm sorry but I have to agree with Billie!" Tre hesitated after long silence.
"You're backing him on this now?"
"Think about her! Think about Billie! Joseph, Jakob!"
"Fine! Do what ever you fuckin' want! I'm going!" Mike got up in rage slamming the door behind him, leaving them speechless.
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