"Normal? What is this...Normal?", chapter 1

Another stupid day in my stupid life. I slammed my door, and pulled off my black t-shirt and dark-wash jeans in anger, pulled on a pair of pajama shorts and a t-shirt, and collapsed on my bed, thinking about the last twelve hours.

I woke up gasping at three in the morning. I remember it was from a nightmare, but the actual nightmare, it was already gone. I'm one of those people that once I wake up, I can't get back to sleep, so I was moderately ticked that I woke up so early. I lay in my bed, watching the minutes click by on my digital clock, and when it was seven, I got up and ate dry cereal. But I couldn't find any milk. I went to have a shower, but my brother used all the hot water. All my clothes were wrinkled, so I wore the same ones as yesterday. I had a quiz in every single one of my classes, I forgot my lunch, my pencil case kept falling and exploding, I got my period in my gym strip, my crush made out with my best friend and I missed my bus home and had to walk.

Today sucked.

So I lay there on my bed, and fell asleep. I didn't dream, but I kept feeling a severe tingling, like when you sleep on a limb and it falls asleep then you roll over and the feeling rushes back. I kept twitching and rolling over.

When I woke up, everything looked... Different. My room was the proper land-mine-explosion style of a teenaged girl, but it all looked... Different. What was it? I rubbed my eyes and sat up. Was everything... Flat? I cocked an eyebrow and threw off my covers, walking to the mirror.

I screamed.

I started feeling my face, my arms, my body. It was all cartooned. My face was still a sleek oval, but my skin was completely clear. My eyes were huge and bright, and a beautiful shade of periwinkle with streaks of dark and light blue. My hair was glossy and pale white-blonde. My body was idealized; large breasts, tiny waist, round hips, legs up to my armpits and everything was perfect. That's what scared me so much. I screamed again, and my parents and brother stampeded down the stairs to my room in the basement. They looked at me, I looked at them and we all screamed. Everyone was a cartoon of themselves.

We ate breakfast. Actually, just sat there staring at each other, shoving food in our mouths. I brushed my teeth and went to my closet. All of my clothing was replaced with shirts and skirts and scarves, all exactly the same. Along with three round backpacks with long straps. I sighed, and rubbed my new eyes with my long, delicate hands and pulled on one of the lighter uniforms. Apparently, they were put by seasons. Fourteen Summer, fourteen Winter, and fourteen Spring/Fall uniforms. I pulled on one of the lightest summer ones and brushed my hair, put on my makeup and looked at myself. The skirt was bright yellow with a thick navy blue border and a mini skirt length, with a tight blue button-up blouse bordered by white, with a white and yellow scarf. I pulled on a pair of knee-high navy blue stockings, and my bright yellow and black converses. At least they matched.

Marching upstairs tiredly, I saw my brother in a blue, red a green uniform. A blue sweater vest and pants, a red shirt and a green tie and socks and beret. He looked at me, and I stared at him, and we both sighed, picking up our new uniform-matching backpacks, somehow suspiciously empty. I also grabbed my black velvet purse and my CD Walkman, that I listened to as I walked to my bus. I had to keep holding down my skirt in the breeze, but finally I got to my stop. The bright yellow-orange bus pulled up, and I studied my classmates. All in the same colored clothes, some crying and some laughing, but most looking like they're in shock. There were some cruel caricatures, some stickmen, some scribbles, some detailed portraits, some anime like me, some in bugs-bunny type cartooning. What the heck happened to the world? I sighed and tried to find someone to sit beside. There was Davin, in dragon-ball type anime, with high spiky blonde hair and gigantic navy eyes. And Jordan, in a smoldering seductress geisha art. K. J. In an over exaggerated caricature. Someone I assumed to be Sean, but was really just a circle with stick-straight lines representing a body, legs and arms. I hugged myself and crossed my arms over my new ballooned chest and sat alone, listening to a pounding t.A.T.u song.

I got to my... School? It was huge, spread over a larger-than normal lot with a court yard and a fountain. That's new. A paved running track and an grove of huge trees and flowers. That's new too. I look around. In the sea of white, yellow and blue, it was hard to find my friends.

"Rhiannon?" I turned around and sighed, relieved.
"Kelsey!" I hugged her- a rare event usually cause for celebration. I don't like to be touched- and smiled. The red and black hair, brown eyes and fair olive skin looked fantastic to me. She was anime-same as me- and had long legs and perfect features, almost the same as me, except my chest was larger.
"We have to find the In sanitarium." I said, referring to the rest of our friends. She nodded, and pulled me over to a bench, where I stood up. A few boys whistled, and I rolled my eyes.
"Shianne Kotkas, Alexia Klombies and everyone who is Kelsey Metcalf and Rhiannon George's friends, come here AT ONCE!" I screamed, and instantly I saw movement. Finally, a ruffled Shianne and Lexi showed up in front of us. I sighed happily. They were both Anime too. I hugged them, and we started talking about everything that happened before the bell rang.
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