"Normal? What is this...Normal?", chapter 2

Instantly we were called into an assembly, where we were told that this cartooning thing had spread over the entire globe, and Scientists had already found that it was irreversible. We all screamed "WHAT?!" at once and started talking and screaming and panicking. Once all seven hundred of us calmed down, we were explained about the uniform system, how every school had a different set of colours, and how all students had to wear their uniforms all the time. We all complained against the last rule, but were shushed rudely. Then sent to our classes, and then home.

Three months later, and we were all almost used to this. The cartoonings didn't freak me out anymore, and today Kelsey, Lexi, Shianne and I were going to the Stampede for some Calgarian fun. We were all wearing our new High School uniforms. I was wearing a turquoise and black uniform- pleated plaid skirt, black blouse bordered by turquoise with a turquoise tie. Kelsey and Shianne in the same orange and white uniform, and Lexi in a navy blue and white one.

*Tre Cool's POV*

We were in Calgary, for a few months, to look around and enjoy the Stampede and the Canadian Hotties in their uniforms. Too bad most of them are underage. I smiled at something Billie Joe said, and drank another slurpee thing. Stupid rules, can't drink beer unless in a licenced establishment. Oh well, this sugar and ice thing's pretty good. Along with the deep-fried turkey leg. These Calgarians sure know how to eat. A foursome of girls in wildly different uniforms passed us, laughing hard. They were Anime, and the blonde one on the end caught my eye especially. She had periwinkle eyes and white hair, a short skirt, with a VERY generous chest. Just my type of girl. I spun around and started following them.

*Mike's POV*

I saw Tre Spin around and head the other way, and I started following him. Billie sighed and started following me following Tre following a quartet of high school girls. One especially kept drawing my eye. She was a little taller than a thin white-haired girl, with short black hair with red streaks and green converses.
"Why are you stalking a bunch of underage girls? We could get put in jail for that, you know." Oh, right. Since when was Billie the rational one? That was supposed to be MY job.
"I wanna know where they're going."
"It's the STAMPEDE! They're probably off to watch the rodeo, or ride a Ferris wheel or something." Hmm... That's true.
"Well, we have to find Tre, then." I stopped and turned to Billie Joe, then turned again. He was gone, as well as the girls. "Oh, no."
"We've let Tre loose on an unsuspecting world of underage girls!" We looked at each other and started screaming.

*Tre's POV*

I heard a couple of familiar screams. I guess they lost me. Hooray! I was free! I did a little jig, and continued stalking. Gosh, she had a nice body, even if it was only cartooned. I remembered when I woke up to find me. I guess I was anime too. I looked at myself, and smiled. I didn't know I was that muscled. I looked up. She was heading over to the rodeo ring, and waved good bye to her friends, who headed to the stands. Perfect, she was alone. Wait, hold in the rapist tendencies.
I saw her go into the change room, and sighed. There was probably other girls in there, all getting out of short school uniforms, sweating in the summer heat and pulling into tight cowgirl outfits. Shoot. I looked down. Boy scouts could camp under there. I sighed and looked around for a mens' room.


After I... relieved myself, I went back outside to look around and wait. But what point was there in waiting? She could have already gone to the ring, so I sighed and started to the ring myself. It was chuck full of people, waiting for the rodeo to start. So this is what people in Calgary think of entertainment? Hm. How strange. I elbowed and autographed my way to the very front row, below the wooden stands, where cowboys and old men in ten gallon hats stood at the metal bars of the ring and watched close-up. I giggled girlishly and skipped to the fron, where I started humping a pole. They all looked at me and took three steps to the side.

"We have the bull riding competition, then the bucking mustangs, then the barrel racing today. Thank you." Said the announcer guy.
"OHEMMGEE!!! I LOVE YOU ANNOUNCER GUY!!!" I screamed, and the cowboys stepped furthur away. Hey, this is fun!

"I can't wait until the barrel racing. That's where Rhiannon is." I heard, and turned around. It was one of the girls who was walking with the blonde girl. Is that her name? Rhiannon? What a weird name. Weird, but strangely beautiful.
"I know! I think she's really nervous, but she'll do great."
"Do you think we should still be down at the change room? What if she throws up again?"
"She hasn't eaten anything all day. She'll be fine. Besides, she doesn't like to talk to anyone but her horse before a race."
"Yeah, I guess you're right." The brown haired girl sighed, biting into a cotton candy stick. So she's still at the change room? I smiled, and turned back to the ring.

After the bull riding and mustangs went, there was a small break so the audience could stretch their legs. I took a minute to look around. There were all kinds of different people, and even animals. The meanest buckers were the stickdrawings of horses and bulls, with a circle for the head and body, and everything else are thick straight lines. I saw the three other girls start hyperventilating, twitching and massaging their hands. They're probably worried about their friend, Rhonda. No, wait. That's not right. Her name's...Ryley? Closer....Ramona? No, that's my daughter.
"Oh, god. I hope she does alright and doesn't get hurt..." The girl with long brown hair and a navy and white uniform.
"Lexi, she'll be fine. She's been training forever, rides Heart almost every day and races really well." said a girl with jet black hair with urchin spikes at the back.

The third girl was silent, but clutched her friend's hand once the racing got started. I turned away from the crowd to watch. Six guys went first, with one wiping out and being sent to the hospital, and then the girls went next, racing alphabetically by first name. A girl named Amie went first, then a Brianna, then a Deidra, a Marina, Ophelia and a Quint.

"Last but not least, Rhiannon George!!!" The announcer guy screamed. That sounded right. I turned back; the three girls were freaking out. This was it. I saw her, finally, her face. It was clear and a wide triangle-type shape, with big purple-blue eyes. A red cow girl hat, shirt and dark blue jeans with black cow boots. She sat on a light leather saddle, with a red blanket underneath. The horse was the most magnificent, yet strange beast I have ever seen. It was bright red, shining copper in the light and blood in the dark, with white hoof-hair, mane and tail, as well as the muzzle and a star on it's forehead. It had huge feet, how could it race with dish plates as feet? It was huge, at least eighteen hands high, with a big barrel belly and blue eyes. It's head was huge, and it looked extremely intelligent.

"WOO!!! LET'S GO HEART GRENADE AND RHIANNON!!!" one of the girls screamed, I didn't turn back to see who.
"And they're off!" the announcer guy cried, and yes they were. How in the hell could that beast move so fast? It was a blur of white and red, around the first barrel, knocked the second, around the last and gallop as fast as physically possible past the gate. Her hat was left in the ring, the bright red of it cruel against the dusty beige of the ground. "Just a moment, folks, while we calculate the times." I looked around, the crowd was going wild, and past the rusted bars of the corral, I saw her dismount, pet, hug and kiss her horse, then feel for her hat. I looked around, I'm still left in a ring of isolation from the cowboys, so I hop over the gate and run around, grab her hat and start waving it around. Then I hear some panicking and screaming. As I turn, I see one of the bulls in the ring with me. A mean old boy named Thunderkick, with huge horns made for goring and red-rimmed eyes. I freeze, holding onto the hat for dear life. Then, a stampeding of hooves, I brace myself for pain. But then a hand, grabbing my arm, and soon the huge horse I was admiring was in front of me, facing Thunder.

"Get on!" she screamed, gesturing to the back of the saddle, and I didn't need to be told twice; but I mounted wrong, I was facing the horse's butt. She reached back, and grabbed her hat, placing it on her head and leaning forward to the horse. She actually tells her horse what to do? And soon, the horse took off, the bull chasing us. I caught his eye and screamed pathetically. I think I heard her give a I-really-shouldn't-be-saving-you-you-little-wimp-so-buck-up-and-be-quiet-because-I'm-thinking-about-what-to-do-type sigh, through clenched teeth, and I screamed again, 'cause the bull was gaining. Then I realized we were just going around in circles around the ring, and suddenly Thunder was on the ground, being given a needle to the neck, and legs tied up, a blindfold over his eyes and styrofoam bumpers on his horns and hooves. I sighed, and she pulled back on the bridle, stopping the horse. She got off, helped me to the ground, and I passed out.
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