Friends or enemies?, chapter 1

"Stop it guys! I'm serious!" Kelly huffed and flipped her red hair.
She glared at the guys she worked with, supposedly her work mates but not doing any actual work.
"Billie, Tre stop goofin' around!" Mike was very pissed off as well.
She looked at him in appreciation, he always backed her up.
She was new in town and she needed a job since her parents passed away and her foster parents "the Dukes" kicked her out saying that since she's 16 she's old enough to take care of her self.

After wandering the streets for weeks, she hitch hiked to California then using her savings, she managed to find an apartment of her own, in a building owned by one of the richest men in the state David Moore , who owned most of the town.

Anyways, getting in school was the hardest thing but her social worker pulled a few string s and she was in. School was a total drag, everywhere she walked in, everyone looked at her oddly, with a look that you'd give to a new exotic pet or such thing.

But after a few days she had coped well but had no friends cuz the new kid's aura was still around her. Back to now, she only worked here for a week, after she saw the help wanted ad on the front window of that copy shop called The Copy Hut!

And that's where she met Billie mike and Tre', by coincidence, who were in her school.

"Hi I'm Billie, this is Mike..."Billie gave her a handshake with a big goofy grin.
"Hi!" Mike replied shyly.
"And this is Tre' cool... ."
"Weird name!" she smiled.
"Or if you prefer Frank!"
"SHUT UP! I told you to never use that name!" Tre' hit him, "hi, I'm Mr. Cool but you can call me Tre'."
"Nice to meet you Tre'." She tried to say the name correctly.
"It's Tre... T... R... E..!"
"Tre', alright!"
She looked around the place to see there are no girls around..
"am I THE ONLY girl here?"
"Yeah, guess so!" Billie looked around as it was his first time here. "Weird ain't it? I never noticed!"
"You never notice anything, Billie!" mike joked shyly.
"Hey, I think I know you!" she pointed at Mike, "You sit next to me in math, right?"
"I knew I saw you somewhere!" she grinned.
"Excuse me!" a skinny lady said impatiently. "Aren't you supposed to be working or doing something useful? Maybe like serving the costumers?" she tapped on the counter.
"Later lady! We're busy!" Billie said loudly.
"Well I never... ... .!"
"Billie!" Mike scowled, while Tre' giggled." I'm sorry ma'm!"
Mike took a picture of a dog from the woman and printed several copies and gave them the woman and charged her. "Thanks ma'm, come again!"
"What are you doing? Trying to get us fired? This is the only job the 3 of us can work together in, remember?"
"Yeah, but it's REALLY boring and I'm getting sick of it!" he whined.
"Like you do any work!" Mike snickered.
Billie was about to reply but the guy in charge called on him. "Hey Armstrong! Those diner menus your mom ordered are ready! Drop the will ya?"
"Ok...Sheesh, you don't have to yell so loud!" he mumbled the last sentence.
"Nothing!" the he turned to Kelly. "Why don't you come with me? Since you're new in town and all that!"
"And leave my job?" she hesitated worried about what impression she's gonna make if she ditched work on her first day!
"Yeah, nobody'll notice cuz nobody gives a shit!"
"Actually, Billie, they do notice!" Tre' pointed out.
"Why do you think all those pay check cut offs for?"
"Cuz sometimes I use up all the ink!" he admitted.
"So that YOU!'' a guy called ''Carl'' yelled.
"Uhhh... gotta go! C'mon Kelly! Where are those menus?"
He grabbed her arm and went to the storage room.
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