Friends or enemies?, chapter 2

And that was the first time she met them. Since then she knew she had made her first real friends! By now she had formed a good view of their personalities. Billie Joe was the leader, has a really good sometimes dark sense of humor but he tends to get serious when he know the fun is over.
Mike was a little shy at first but he soon got over his shyness towards her, he was mostly quiet but he talked when he knew it means something, he was the hard worker like her, unlike Billie who tends to goof off or Tre who's always goofing off.
"Tre!" she thought.
Tre who is one of the most unique people she ever met, which is not a lot.
Sometimes he's like really quiet 'til you forget he's here then, like, something pushed his trigger he suddenly becomes loud like it was the last day of his life!
And that's what she found so intriguing about him, so enchanting, so... he has something which makes you wanna laugh the minute he opens his mouth.
In conclusion they were the weirdest most complicated group of friends she ever saw!
That was what made the so special.
"Here she goes again, guys!" Tre sighed leaning on the counter. "Laura!"
She looked at the same direction he was looking at, and there she was, Laura, Tre's crush, from what Billie told her, forever.
She also knew her from school, Laura was a pretty normal girl but she had those big attractive eyes that, surely, made Tre a victim of her love.
That was phase 1, the leaning and the sighing. Now it was time for phase 2.
"1, 2, 3... " Mike motioned.
"I mean she's the funniest, attractive, beautiful...etc."
"Right on the clock!" Mike giggled.
Phase 2 was the compliments and more sighs.
If Kelly still didn't understand him she was sure of one thing, that his weakness was his crush!
He was so into her that he knew every detail about her, as Billie Joe once commented (which isn't far from the truth).
"Our shift's are almost over! Where'll we go? Your place?" Billie directed to Kelly.
"I don't know, the last time we went there Tre burned half of the sofa!" she replied.
"I didn't mean it!" Tre blushed.
"Let's jet! We're done here!" Mike looked at his watch.
"Your place it is!"
"Fine, only if he promises to stay away from anything breakable or flammable or anything ending with 'able!''" She pointed at Tre who looked at her in censure.
"We'll see about that!" he whispered.
"I heard that!"
Tomorrow at school they all met at their favorite spot: in front of Billie and Mike's lockers.
"That was a great movie last night!" Mike took out his geography book.
"Who knew zombie movies are so... so... gory!" She was still a little disgusted.
"They're zombies! Duh!" Tre smirked.
"Anyways, I have history, bye!" Billie announced then walked on his way.
"Aww, man I'm gonna be late again!" Tre realized in horror. "See you guys later." He ran to his English class.
"What do you have?" Mike asked her.
"I have a free period now so I'm not in a rush!"
"Care to come with me to geo?"
"Yeah sure, why not?" she shrugged and walked with him to geo.
On lunch period.
"Hi, Kel!"
"Hey, Billie, guys!"
And again the fearsome foursome has reformed.
"Kel, give me your homework, I didn't do mine!" Billie said struggling to open his coke bottle.
"Here's the bag take what ever you want!" then seeing he was really suffering with the bottle she took it and unscrewed the top open.
"Thanks!" he grinned.
"Welcome! I don't understand why don't you do your own home work instead of copying mine?"
"'Cause frankly, I don't bother!"
"When you finish with the bag, give it to me, I need to write an essay about World War II," Tre said from under the table.
"You mean copy it, of course!" Kelly said fed up with the violation of her home work and efforts, then she looked around for Tre.
Mike understood from her confusion and pointed down.
She looked under it to see Tre sitting with his food.
"Do I really wanna know?"
"He does that whenever Laura is around..." Billie explained.
"Then he gets paranoid and thinks she's watching him and talking about him, making fun!" Mike completed. "Damn salad!"
"If you like her that much, Tre, you have to talk to her sometime!" Kelly directed to her friend.
"I'm nobody! She'll never talk to me! 'Cause I'm nobody!" he said loudly.
"Dude, this is not the time nor the place for you to have one of your moments!" Billie looked worried.
"But she'll never notice me, I'm nobody!" he yelled.
People now were starting to look at them.
The 3 of them looked down embarrassed. Then Mike dove down to Tre and convinced to shut up but sit in his place for safety precautions.
"Are you done? I need my bag!"
"No! I'm copying as fast as I can!"
Then the ball rang announcing the end of lunch period.
In her living room, she was talking to Billie.
Mike went home while Tre was on his usual neighbor hood exploring trips which he likes to do for an unknown reason.
"Are you ok?" I mean that fall must have hurt you?" he asked.
At the end of the last class, she was walking out, when some one tripped her on purpose!
She looked up still in pain to see the face of evil! Her new arch enemy Mandy, who was a bitch who acted up to her part and took a vow to ruin her life in this high school.
She was spreading rumors about her since day one!
A few kids laughed but an evil look was able to set the record straight.
"Is your knee okay?"

"Yeah, you asked me about a zillion times! God I wanna kill that bitch!"
"Ignore her, she just doing it for the attention."
"It sounds more like a hobby to me! Entertaining to her and an amusing way to waste her time!"
Then suddenly out of nowhere Tre appeared through the door which he opened violently.
Billie was standing behind the door so you can pretty much guess what happened!
Kelly still didn't figure out what happened so she completed "She thinks just 'cause she's the daughter of David Moore she can get away with anythi..." Then she froze seeing that Tre was standing in front of her and Billie was gone.
Her brain processed the equation quickly: Billie's location plus door wide open plus Tre opened the door equals uh-oh!
Tre was super excited about something then he noticed her frozen look and looked behind him. Is there's something behind me?" then he looked behind the door. "Oh, hi, Billie! Weird place to sleep!"
Then he continued his enthusiasm. "Guess what? The most amazing thing just happened! Laura looked at me then smiled then TALKED to me when I was at the bus stop!"
Kelly was still shocked.
"What? ...Anyways can you believe it?"
"Uh... yeah! What did she say to you?"
"Just hi?" she raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah! Is that good or bad? Does that mean she likes me or... or... Or, etc. etc!" he was starting on one of his paranoid fits and talking like a motor.
"Woah, woah! Easy boy! That's a good start! And what did you say to her?"
"I ran away!"
"O... kay and why'd you do that?" she sighed.
"I got scared!"
"What happened?" Billie got up rubbing his head to ease the pain. Then he noticed the big bump on his head then he saw Tre. "What? Where? Who? why?"
"Some random dude opened the door sharply and ran away!"Tre helped him to get up hoping he's get away with it.
"I feel like I've been hit by a truck!"
"At least it starts with the same letter!" she slyly remarked.
"He gave he a he'd-kill-me-if-knew- look," so she gave him a "you-brought-it-to-your-self" look in response.
Tre helped himself to the kitchen and brought to Billie and himself a soda.
Kelly changed into her work clothes then got out accompanied by the two.
Mike'll meet them there (as always).
The Billie tried to convince her to ditch the shift but she stood her ground.
Later that day she'd wish she just listened to Billie.
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