J.A.R., chapter 1

Living at home was hard for young Mike. As a fifteen year old with a couple best friends, adoptive parents who never talked to each other, and a hard time fitting in, he always had that one person who put him on the right track: Jason Andrew Relva.

Mike's Point of View

"Now band practice is today. We have to be ready for Gilman, dude," Billie, Mike's long time best friend, finally spoke.
"I know, it's just Jason is coming over today. I'm kinda nervous; he always expects the best of me, you know?"
Billie looked up and nodded. "He's only a couple of years older than you, yet he's like your second dad," Billie muttered taking a drag off his cigarette.
I nodded. Jason was like my big brother, taking care of me and all that. It's just that it got annoying when he constantly looked over my shoulder, making sure I do the right things. I try my best, sometimes it's just not good enough.

No one's Point of View

Mike and Billie made there way to Billie's garage for their final practice before Gilman. As expected, Jason was there waiting with Al. They both knew they were in for it; they were about an hour late.

Mike's Point of View

I walked in avoiding Jason's and Al's hard glares that they were giving me and Billie. This was not going to be good, and I knew it. I took a quick glance at Billie. He knew it was his fault we were late. He's not that punctual; smoking seemed like a better idea to him, I guess, but we were both gonna get it. I should have just left him behind at the school. At least I wouldn't get reemed for being late.

Billie's Point of View

Mike looked uncomfortable as we walked into the garage. Then I realized we were really late. Al and Jason looked pissed and I just stood somewhat speechless. Al always wanted us to to be on time. I just forgot that today's practice is early because of Gilman. Jason wasn't looking too happy either. We were screwed, no way out.

Mike's Point of View

Jason opened his mouth to speak. This was not going to end well...
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