J.A.R., chapter 14

Mike was getting ready the next morning, grabbing a Ramone's shirt and trying to get the damn spiked belt to go through all the loops of his khaki shorts without out using every curse word known to man. Stupid damn belt, GO ON THE RIGHT WAY DAMMIT! He thought of himself as pathetic, he's yelling in his mind at a belt. The teen sighed, finally getting on the offensive item. Billie came bursting in on Mike, still topless.

"That's a hot look you got on Mike." Billie smiled.
"I'm not exactly aiming for hot, dude," he replied, pulling on the Ramone's shirt.
"Awwwww, well, that's one fantacy not fulfilled!" Billie cried.

Mike burst out laughing and pushed Billie out of the room. Ollie came into the room shortly after, trying to talk Mike into 'hurrying his ass up' before they were late for meeting Kathy. Climbing into the car Mike's head began to overflow with thoughts, What was he going to talk about? Does he call her mom or kathy? Will she like him? Mike's thoughts were intrrupted when Ollie tried to start some conversation up.

"So, are you excited?" She asked happily.
"I guess, I kinda have alot of questions, ya know?" Mike tried to find something to look at out the window.
"I understand, you have alot on your mind but imagine how she feels!"
"Yeah...sure!" The teenager scoffed.
"I'm serious, Michael! This might have been hard for you but she had some problems as well, I'd like to see you try to push a 5 pound baby out of there!"
"Isn't that light though?" Mike questioned.
"You were a premature baby, I think, from drugs proabably. Isn't that what the records say?"
"No, those records were private, not allowable," Mike muttered, disgusted at the lack of help he was given at the hospital when it was his own files.

Ollie turned into a practically deserted park. Mike looked out the window. It was beautiful, trees everywhere, different colored leaves moving with the flow of the wind, since it was the middle of fall. One thing caught his attention out of all the land, it was a woman. There she stood, leaning on a tree. Obviously you could tell she was nervous, maybe even more then Mike. She made her way to the car as Ollie rolled down her window.

"Hello, I'm Ollie. Are you Kathy?" Ollie inquired.
"Yes, hi. It's a pleasure to meet you Ollie and..." She looked over at the passenger side where Mike sat, transfixed.
"Um, you must be Michael or Mike, hello." Kathy seemed speechless for the most part after spitting that out hastily.
"Hi...uh yeah, hi," came Mike's nervous reply. Ollie then cut in.
"I gave you my phone number so when you get tired of him give me a call." Mike gave her a look and she playfully shooed him out of the car, wishing him luck.

The two walked along together, quiet for the most part. They finally made it to a park, a swing set practically calling there names. Mike sat down, Kathy joining him.

"There's alot to talk about, where do you wanna start?" Kathy questioned.
"Right from the beginning," Mike spoke, looking into her crystal blue eyes, she didn't look like some drug addict anymore, she look like someone special.

Someone proud.
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