I'm in a Pickle, chapter 1

As we landed in California, we were cleaning up our area and psyced about staying there for two full weeks!
"Attention, passengers, we are about to land in California. Please put all bags in the above compartment and take a seat. Please buckle. There may be some turbulance."

Let me back up. My name is Meghan and I'm 16. My parents died last year in a car crash, so I moved in with my best friend Kia. Kia has been my best friend, and now, she was like my sister. She's a year younger than me, but no one would have noticed if we didn't tell them.

We got off the plane and were searching aroung for Kia's cousin, Morgann. We looked around but saw her no where.
"Kia! Meghan!"
We turned around and saw Morgann.
"Hey Morgann!"

She drove us to her house and we were unpacking our bags. "What the hell is this?"
Kia looked up and laughed. "Oh, that's my mom's underwear."
She laughed again. "She's weird like that."
"I feel so disturbed right now," I quivered. "I feel dirty."

Kia's mom came in the room. "Girls?"
"Yes?" we said in unison. I was scared she heard us talking about her.
"Dinner's ready."
"Ok." Phew.

We went downstairs and ate dinner. "Not to be rude, but what is it?"
"Pork Chops."
"Mmm my favorite." Whatever the hell it was, it didn't look like no pork chops I ever saw before. I fed some of it to the dog.

*Back upstairs*
"Can you liek go get me some cheese or something?"
"Didn't you eat your dinner?"
"No, I fed it to the dog."
"They don't have a dog..."
"Oh. Then what the hell did I feed it to?"
"Probably the cat."
"How the...What the...Nevermind."

Kia headed out the door. "Oh, so you're just gonna leave me here? And have that fat lard ass cat come attack me?"
"Meghan, I'm just getting you some cheese. Chill out."
"What if the cat comes in here?"
"Then I guess you'll have to shoot it."
"With what?"
"Just nevermind."

Kia came back with my cheese.
"Thank you. And thank you, God, for not letting that cat come in here and eat me as well as everything else in this house."
We got all of our things unpacked.
"I'm...so...BORED!!!" She yelled.
"Wanna go for a walk?"

She looked at the clock. "At 12:00?"
"Why not?"

I got ready. *Fashion Moment* I was wearing an AC/DC shirt, plaid pants, and black converse. Kia was wearing a Ramones shirt, black pants, and red converse. *End of Fashion Moment*
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