I'm in a Pickle, chapter 17

"Billie! Get your ass up!" I screamed.
"I'm pregnant."
"Holy fuck!"
"Yeah, I know."
"Meghan, I have something to tell you."
"It can't be worse than this."
"Meghan, a girl came up to me the other day and I kinda did something bad."
"BILLIE! Please tell me you didn't do it! Please!"
"I'm sorry, Meghan."
"Sorry isn't gonna cut it!"
"No! Get out of this house!"
Billie left the house. I was so upset that I ran all the way to Kia's house a few streets away without stopping.
"Kia," I choked out. "I can't believe what's happening to me."
"It'll be ok. You can stay with me and Tre in the mean time."
"I mean, not only will I have a kid, but I have no job, it has no father, and there's no possible way I can support it."
"You can stay here until you get everything. At least you're out of school. I had to stay in school."
"I know, but still. Kia, you were right. He was cheating on me. I can't belive this. He gets me knocked up and leave me."
Jeff came to Kia's house.
"Hey, what's shakin' bacon?"
"Jeff, we're not in the mood."
"Ok, this must be serious because no one ever says that to Jeff."
"Yes, it is serious. Billie cheated on Meghan."
"WHAT? No one does that to Meghan! Where is he?!"
"I don't know. I told him to leave and he did."
"That bastard can't treat you like that. Yes, I am taking action."
The doorbell rang. Kia answered it.
"Oh, it's you. What do you want?"
"I wanted to talk to Meghan."
"I don't think she wants to talk to you."
"Who is it?" Jeff asked, getting up and walking to the entry way.
"Oh hell no!" He came in the room.

*Jeff's POV*

"No one EVER treats Meghan like that! What the fuck were you thinking?"
"I don't know. This girl just came up to me on the street-"
"Oh, so you cheated on her with a girl you didn't even know? You're pathetic."
"Ok, I'll just go since I came here to talk to Meghan, but you people aren't letting me."
"Yeah that's right. Go. Just go!"

*My POV*

I heard yelling and assumed Billie was here, so I walked in there right before he left.
"Meghan, I just want to apologize."
"Yes, sorry is apologizing, but Billie, how could you cheat on me? I thought you loved me."
"I do love you."
"Then why'd you do it?"
"It's just that." He paused.
"Go on."
"I don't know."
"That's really low Billie."I turned around, heading out the door.
"The reason I cheated on you is because...because I didn't know how much I loved you."
"I don't understand."
"After what happened, I realized how much I love you. A lot."
"You really mean that?"
"Of course."
"I don't know, Billie. I have to think about this."
I turned around and went back to the couch.
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