You're so hopeless, you don't even know it, chapter 5

It's been about a year now, so most of my hair grew back, and Betty tried not to get so upset about it, because it's just hair and my personality still stayed. Now I looked like your typical emo kid, but deep inside I was just a normal guy with a normal personality. Since this is our senior year, it's a great change, and Betty and I couldn't be happier with eachother. We were in school at the moment, just hanging out here and there, and then something happened. I was walking down the hallway, just leaving Betty in her class, and then a creepy Freshman girl came up to me.

She said, "Hey there, why is life for emo's that bad and short?" Wait a minute, what?! What was this girl trying to say?!

I just kept walking like I've never had heard anything and she just kept following me. She was making me really nervious, because she wouldn't let me be. Then, some guy came behind me and slamed me against a locker.

He said, "Look you stupid emo freak, I want you out of here, 'cause you don't belong in our little world trying to make as gothic and dark as you are, got it?"
I was scared out of my mind and tried to get that beast off of me. Too bad I couldn't 'cause he wouldn't budge. Once a teacher started walking down the hallway, he let me go, what a coward.

I finally said to him, "Well psycho, one, I'm not an emo, used to be. Two, who are you kidding on talking to a SENIOR just the way you did? and three, get out my face before I make you do it."

He replied, "Well freak, I'm not so scared as you thought I'd be, and I don't believe your stupid excuses were good enough."

I replied with courage, "Oh really, what if I tell the principal down there to expell your ass, and she would do it, 'cause she won't hear a word coming out of your Freshman psycho killer mouth."

He threw me down and whispered to me, "You better don't, because if you tell I'm after you."

I replied smartly, "Well aren't after me right now, didn't think so." He pulled me up and held me against the lockers again. This time choking me, I was turninig pale, trying to get him off. Then, I came up with an idea, I kneed him in the stomach, and he let me go. Free at last! Then, I let him lay there in pain and continued walking to class. When the bell rang, he got up and started wondering around the school, looking for me. He didn't succeed 'cause how in the world is he supposed to know where anything is?

Since he didn't succeed, I knew I woud be expecting something after school. I didn't feel like dealing with a little freshman right now and I felt like I already took in enough creepy stuff today. As the day went by, it was finally time to go home. Then as I came out of school with Betty, I felt smebody grabbing me from the back. It was that guy again and he threw me across the concrete floor, that hurted a lot! Betty was scared out of her mind, and I wanted to comfort her so bad, but this bastartd wouldn't let me. Then, he started punching me and kicking me, as he was doing so, I managed to grab his leg and made him slip on the ground. He was going for my face and I beat him to it, I grabbed his fist and punched him back. His nose bled everywhere and was hurting so bad, as he laid on the other end. There was a crowd around, but I didn't care, I had to defend myself from this creepy guy.
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