My Rockin' Life, chapter 1

Oakland School Recap

One Month Later

I was in my room listening to 'Back in Black' by AC/DC. I was all happy and comfortable. I was reading a book, well looking in the book while sitting on my mini couch. Just then Bam came in.

"Hey Sam what are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm looking at this book, I can't find that damn Waldo," I said.

"Hey, 'member when I told you that Johnny wants to start a show, 'Jackass'?"

"Yeah, why?" I said.

"Well, if you wanna join, sign this paper, so far I've got Ryan, me, Raab, Dico, Rake, and then there are guys from Cali, like Chris and Steve-O."

"Gimme the paper." I signed it, and just like that, I became a member of the 'Jackass' crew.

Two Months Later

"Sam, get your lazy ass down here, we gotta go!" Raab screamed.

It was our day to film the fifth episode of Jackass. I knew today, I was gonna get hurt, like always.

And this was the beginning of a Rockin' Life.

End Recap

Well... now, we were sittng in the airport waiting for the plane to get ready, we were going to Florida, to film an episode of 'Jackass'. It was winter in Pennsylvania, and even in the airport, it was cool. When we arrive in Florida we will see Johnny, Chris, Steve-O, Wee-man, and all of them because they didnt want to come to Westchester just so they can go to Florida, but, when we film a movie one day.

"I want some candy..." I said.
"You always want candy, one day you will be a fat ass," Dico laughed.
"Nuh-uh!" I said jokingly.
"I want candy too, Ill come with ya," Bam said.
"Me too!" Ryan said.
We got our candy and went back.

"Hey thats my twizzler dickhead!" Ryan said. As Dico was robbing his candy.
"Flight 458, to Florida," the lady on the intercom spoke.
We boarded, I took a piece of gum so my ears dont pop.
"Give me some," Bam said, he sat next to me.
We took off, and when we landed, we were greeted by cameras, fans, and the 'Jackass' crew.
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