Life on Banana Street, chapter 1

"William Joseph?"
"It's Billie Joe."
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Michelle?"
I hate first days of school. They suck monkey balls. Especially the first day of 8th grade.
"Adeline? Did I say that right?"
"Here. Can you call me Hershey?"

My nickname given to me by all of my friends is Hershey. Why? My last name is Hersh. You do the math.
"Of course I can."
"Thank you, Mr. Hamilton."

-Lunch Time-

"Hey Bill. How was your day so far?"
He just looked at me.
"Ok...Not so good."
We were in the lunch line and Nicky David was in front of us.
"God Nicky! Why don't you just buy up the whole cafeteria? By the amount of money you spend at the grocery store, you could buy it no doubt."
Everyone burst out laughing.
"Shut up, Adeline! Why do you always make fun of me?"
"News Flash, Nicky. I'm not the only one. Trust me."
"Yeah, well, you're the one who says is to my face."
"Ok...I knew that. Don't care. Why am I talking to you?"
He didn't answer.
"Thank you."
"Come on, Nicky. I saved you a seat right by me," said this gay guy Chris.
"Love to."
"Oh God," I said.
"Hershey, how are you my friend? I mean, you're so popular and I'm so...not popular."
"You're my neighbor. You've always been there. You know, with my mom and shit."

Which reminds me. My mom has been abusing me ever since she quit her job. And my dad's not doing anything about it. They both hate me and wouldn't even notice if I move out. It's crossed my mind a time or two.

"Yeah. I would hate it if I had to go through all that."
"You're one of the lucky ones."

I got through the line and sat at the table that Billie and I have sat at since the beginning of middle school.
"Hey Hershey. How's about you and me go on a date sometime?"
"Go to hell, Mike. Go pick on someone your own species," I said aloud and once again, everyone started cracking up.
"I thought you'd be a little nicer to someone if they had AC/DC tickets."
I started laughing. "Why would I wanna go anywhere with you?"
He scowled and walked off.

-After School-

"So, how was your day all together?"
"Suckish. But at least we didn't have to work," Billie said.
We were walking home together because like I said, we're neighbors.
"Oh fuck."
"I forgot my keys."
"Ok, you have 2 choices. 1. My dad has an extra key. 2. You can come over."
"I'll take...the second one."
I smiled. "Perv."
"Thank you." we started laughing.
We got home and you know what happened...we ate a snack.
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