But...that's not possible...he can't be my ...DAD!, chapter 4

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Lin Asked my dad out, and I was totally shocked, and yeah, this all started because we went out to dinner, and invited her.
*End of Recap*

*Back at Home (two weeks later)*

I'm going to barf! My dad, and my best friend, are on the couch, completely ignoring me, because, their tongues are too far down each other's throats to even be natural! My dad, was like all up on her in two seconds flat! GRRRRRRRR!

I went to bed, so they could be together in peace, but needles to say, I got no sleep, because Lin is fucking loud during sex! Yes, they are sleeping together, and they started sleeping together on like their first date.

I mean, I love my dad, and Lin is still my best friend but, god. So I tossed and turned and put my pillow over my head, and tried every way possible to ignore the noise coming from the next room, but, it was useless.

The next morning, the door bell rang, and nobody woke up to get it, except for me, because I was already up because I never got to sleep. So I went to answer the door.

On the door step, stood a woman with dark dread locks and two young boys.

"Oh, hello. I'm Adrienne, Billie Joe's ex-wife. Is he here?"

"Uh, he's asleep. Are you here to drop off the boys?"

"Yeah. Uhm, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

"Oh, Dessy. I'm not his girlfriend if that's what you think. I'm his daughter."

"Daughter? What daughter?"

"My mom's name is Helen Mitchel."

"Oh, you're Helen's daughter. Right, right, I remember now. You'll have to excuse my absent mindedness about that. Billie told me a long time ago, but it sort of slipped away."

"Oh of course, no problem. Well, my dad is sleeping right now."

"Well, I'm in a bit of a rush. Robby is waiting for me, so could you watch them 'til he wakes up?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Thank you so much. Okay boys, I'm leaving now, Dessy is going to watch you until your dad gets his lazy ass out of bed. Be good, please," Adrienne said, and hugged both of her sons good bye, thanked me again, and then she left.

"So, Dessy, you're our half-sister?" Joseph asked.

"Oh, yeah. I'm your older half sister."

"Oh, so we'll have this week to get to know each other. My mom and her boyfriend are going off to who knows where, and we have to stay here for like a week."

"Two weeks Joey. Mom said two weeks," Jakob said. He seemed a bit shy.

"Well, hey there Jakob. How are you?" I asked. He shrunk down behind his big brother.

"I'm okay," he said quietly.

"Oh come on Jake! Talk to Dessy, she isn't going to bite you. You'll have to excuse him, he's a baby," Joseph said to me.

"Am not!" Jakob cried. He stuck his tongue out at Joey.

"Are so!"

"Am not!"

"Are so!"

"Am not!"

"Are so!"


"Boys, that's enough. It's okay to be a little shy. It's not bad to be shy, and it doesn't make you a baby," I said.

Just then Lin came running down the stairs, in nothing but one of my dad's shirts and his boxers, laughing, and being chased by my dad, who had pants on.

"You can't catch me! You can't catch me!" Lin chanted. My dad stopped when he noticed the two boys.

"OH SHIT! Lin, babe, why don't you go back upstairs and put some clothes on," he said, but she didn't hear him because she was in the next room.

"Dad. Hey, is that your girlfriend?" Joey asked.

"Hmmm? Yeah, hold on," my dad said out of breath, and biting on his bottom lip. "Lin! Baby! My kids are here! Go get dressed!" he yelled into the kitchen.

Lin came into the hall we were all standing in. "What?"

"Go get dressed, Joey and Jakob are here."

"Oh, okay," Lin said, and started to go back up the stairs. From the banister above us, the shirt she had been wearing came fluttering down, and landed on my dad's head, and with that he took off running up the stairs.

"So, dad has a girlfriend, now? That's cool," Joey said.

"Oh yeah, not when you have to put up with them all the time. She practically lives here. But, it's cool, 'cause she's my good friend. She's nice, her name is Lin, and she's 19 years old. Daddy really likes her, so I guess it's cool."

"She's pretty," Jakob said. He started to move away from Joey, and a little more into the open.

"Are you two hungry, or have you eaten?"

"Starving!" Joey said.

"Joey, mom made us breakfast."

"That was like, three hours ago twirp."

"Hey! No name calling! I'll tell dad!" Jakob cried.

"So, you are a twirp!"

"Am not!"

"Are so!"

"Am not!"

"Daddy! These two won't stop arguing!" I screamed.

"Well, I'll be down in a minute!" daddy screamed back. In two weeks I had become daddy's little girl, and to be honest, I loved it. I had never called Brian Daddy, or dad for that matter. I had called him Brian. My mom hated that, but Heather did it too, and that was just fine.

I called Billie Joe daddy, and he loved it, and I felt good to say it. So, I had really become a daddy's girl, and Lin made fun of me because of it.

And, once again, daddy came running down the stairs and tackled Joey. "Hey tough guy! What did you do to your brother?" he asked, laying on top of his son.

"I called him a twirp," Joey said, with a muffled out voice, "Dad."

"Yeah?" Daddy asked.

"Get off me!"

"Oh, right," Daddy said, rolling off of Joey. "Now, what is this twirp business?"

"He is a twirp!"

"Joseph, be nice to your brother."

The day was nice, and the two boys fought the entire day. Ah, sibling rivalry!
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