Once in a While I Could Look at You., chapter 1

I always had a sucky job. Well except for the one I had at Hot Topic.

I mean ,I met my friends there. Kind of an important job ,right?

Yeah. I thought it was. Anyway. I mean I had an average life and job. Nothing special about me.

Well someone else thought differently when they met me at my job.


When I got into the store the next morning, there was about 5 million people in there. I could hardly even walk though the people. So of course,t hat made me late signing in to work. I had already been late to work twice this week. I knew if I was late today ,I would probably lose my job.

"Rachel," I heard my boss say.

"Yeah?" I hated this guy. He was a total jerk.

"You're late. Any reason why?"

"Maybe there were people in the store. And I had to walk around them. Maybe my car had trouble. What the hell does it matter? I was late. Things happen."

"Well you've been late 2 times this week. This was your last chance. I have to fire you."

"What?! No. You can't. I need to pay rent. And I need to buy food and stuff!"

"Well, find another way to do it! You can work today. We have too many people here for you to not work. Now get to work."

"Would you care to tell me what's going on out there?"

"I guess I should. Well you know who My Chemical Romance is?"

"Yes. They're my favorite band..."

"That's why there's people here. My Chemical Romance is here today."

"Oh. Well. You could have told me that yesterday!" I yelled and walked back outside.

Since no one was really buying things, I started to clean things. When the line started to get smaller was wondering where everyone was going. I figured that MCR was taking a break or something. Soon, there was no one really in the store. Except for me and one other person...
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