London, ONT - John Labatt Center, May 3rd, 2005

It started out with My Chemical Romance brilliantly opening for Green Day. The famous drunk bunny came out and did his reutine dance and chugging beers. But it still didn't prepare the crowd for what was next.

The lights went off and on the stage ran Billie Joe strumming his guitar with Tre and Mike following playing American Idiot. The crowd roared as Billie-Joe's voiced filled the room. Lights shown, fire blew it was a great begining.

Next they played some songs from American Idiot while topping it with some old popular songs from Warning and Nimrod.

Billie really got the crowd going trying to get us all to call out "Hey yo" after him repaditly. Mike's brithday, that was icing on the cake. Billie-Joe got the crowd to sing a very loving Happy Birthday to Mike.

Then, Billie Joe disapeared from the stage only to come back in a crown. The horns started to toot and the drums started to tap. Billie Joe started to sing the classic King for a day. Eveyone started to slow down and lay on the floor. That was when Billie Joe started to hump the ground. When Billie rose up once again he was in full King for a Day outfit, crown, cape and all.

The fun wasn't oever yet. Again Billie Joe started to do the "Hey yo" Thing again, resulting in him masterbating right infront of everyone. Humping the air and yellinga bout getting laid the night had only begun.

Billie Joe pulled up a happy fan on stage to help soak the crowd with super soakers. But he wasn't the lucky one. He asked if anyone knew how to play the guitar. The corwd screamed as he pulled a man up to play. He did the same for drums and bass. At the end, the lucky guy who played Billie Joe's guitar got to keep it. The man playing bass, he got to do a stage dive into the mosh pitt. i'm not sure what the man playingthe drums got, but being with Tre would of been enough for me.

Billie Joe finished up singing his song list and announced that they were done, by singing We Are The Champions. Then the stage when black except a screen that flashes GREEN DAY! As the crowd chanted encore, a spotlight came down on only Billie Joe with a acoustic and he started to play Time of your life. Just then confete flew into the sky and covered the mosh pitt.

Lots more happened but it was in May, but I still know that it was one of the best things I ever heard, seen or experienced in my life and ever will. Besides the next conert i go to in Texas, go Green Day. They sounded just as if I was listening to the c.d.s. Billie-Joe's voice had a certain accent to it, but the instruments evened it out.

It was just amaizing that Green Day came to a little city like London. But, we will always remeber how Green Day rocked out London Ontario. Woot!!

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