London, ONT - John Labatt Center, May 3rd, 2005

For the opening band, My Chemical Romance, the place was only like a 4th full. MCR opened with Helana. They also played I'm Not Okay(I Promise) and The Ghost Of You. Unfortunatelly they had their instruments up too loud and their microphones weren't really loud enough so you couldn't really understand what they were saying.

Very few people were active for MCR but they I don't blame them, their roady crue didn't do to good of a job.

During the break between MCR and Green Day people started pouring in and the place quickly filled up with over 9000 Green Day fans. The punk bunny came out, sang a little and chugged a few beers.

The stage went dark, fallowed by the entire place... You see people run out from back stage, and just as they start playing American Idiot the stage lights come on and the place goes CRAZY! The Warning and American Idiot symboled flag things fall, reveling a screen which clips of videos play on, plus them and weird effects. They played Jeusus of Suburbia, Holiday, Are We the Waiting, St. Jimmy, Longview, Hitchin' A Ride, Brain Stew, Basket Case, King for a Day, WMUWSE, Minority, and BOBD. Then they left the stage, only to be brought back out by an encore and played Good Riddance and there was a confetti fall. They also played We are the Champions.

During the concert Billie Joe did his part in connecting with the audiance. He made everyone sing 'Happy Birthday' to Mike a few times seeing how it was Mike's birthday, he got everyone to do the Wave, singalong, and repeat-after-me. He amazed the audiance and made the girls go crazy by jacking off and humping the floor. He brought a young boy up on stage to spray the audiance with a water gun and a guy to play his guitar and gave it to him.

Mr. Tre Cool was throwing MANY drum sticks threw the whole concert and he got someone up onstage to play his drums.

The Birthday boy himself, Mike Dirnt, had a guy come up and play his bass then take a stage dive when he was finished.

The lighting was amazing, they sounded great, had really good effects like the fire explosions and they had the people going crazy, jumping up and down and really getting involved. It was a really good concert and they performed really really well. The people in the streets were going crazy afterwords.

After the concert there was T-shirts, sweaters, hats, pins, necklaces, stickers and much more on sale.

This concert was voted best of 2005 in the city of London, Ontario.

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