Columbia, MD Merriweather Post, August 29th, 2005

I got there at about 7:45 and Jimmy Eat World Was Playing. I made my way to the pit and stayed there the whole show. Jimmy Eat World was ALRIGHT.

About 20 mins after Jimmy Eat World left the stage, the infamous Pink Bunny Came on. He made everybody do the YMCA. Then he started drinking beer which made people shout, "GO GO GO GO." Then he left, and 5 mins later the lights started blinking and Green Day came on which made everyody go wild.

They started off with American Idiot then went on to Jesus of Suburbia followed by Holiday. Oh and just so you know, everybody sang along to every song. After Holiday Billie started thanking the audience for voting for them for the Viewers Choice Award. It was like an ongoing trail of "thanks." Then they went on to play Are We The Waiting and St.Jimmy. The crowd went wild when they started playing Longview. Then throughout the next couple of songs (I can't recall them, I forget).

Well, during Hitchin' A Ride, Billie Joe made everybody say, "AAAA OOOOO" then he slid his hand down his pants...and you know the rest.

Then, during one song he layed on the ground and started singing the words, "You've been so good to me" hmm.... OH, and during this other song (which I can't remember the name because of my stupidness) Billie Joe ran to one side of the stage and mooned everybody.

Then he introduced the band. When it was his turn to introduce himself he said, "And my names George Bush" everybody booed, "My names asshole" everyone cheered, lol.

During King For A Day the stage cordinaters brought out his crown and cape. It was really hilarious, he lay on the floor in a break dance position and the cape was on him, then he rose and sang the rest of the song. After that he asked the crowd if he could have on drummer, a bassist and a guitarist to come up on stage. He picked this (I think) 17 year old drummer, a bassist (who took his shirt off and went wild) and this (it seems like) 11 year old guitarist. And to tell the truth they weren't half bad. Billie Joe ended up giving his guitar to the 11 year old. You should've seen his face. Then he told the bassist to jump into the crowd, and he did so.

After that he played a couple more songs then he noticed that the pit was extremely hot (we were) so he took out this water gun looking thing and sprayed us all with water. Then he took this REALLY young looking boy from the crowd and showed him how to use the water gun to keep us fresh, then he went to the other side of the stage and sprayed the other side of the crowd.

After that, they played a couple more songs and in the midst of that a very sweaty Billie Joe unbuttoned his shirt (making many girls gasp in awe) and then Green Day left the stage.

A couple of girls in front of me started chanting "Boulevard, Boulevard" and people started joining in. Then Billie Joe, Tre and Mike came running out and began the encore.

They played Maria, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, We Are the Champions (which I LOVED), then ended with Good Riddance.

The Show was AWESOME! The shirts they sold at the stand were pretty good too.

Overall, this has been the BEST concert I have ever been to. Billie Joe really knows how to work a crowd. I can't wait till their next tour, because I'm definitely going!

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