Columbia, MD Merriweather Post, August 29th, 2005

My friends and I got to the concert at around 6:30pm. We got our T-shirts and then Jimmy Eat World came on.

They were great, but nothing compares to Green Day. When they finshed we waited a while and then the pink bunny came on stage for like 5 mins. He chugged a few beers and everyone did the YMCA. After that Green Day came out they played American Idiot and then Jesus of Suburbia.

Then Billie Joe thanked everyone for voting for Green Day at the VMA's. Then he got everyone to "aaaaa oooo" and then he got a boner and stuck his hands down his pants and played with himself. Then he said: "I need some one to fuck me".

All the girls went crazy including me and my friends. After that they sung Holiday, Are We the Waiting and St. Jimmy. Everyone sang along with all of these.

Then he called three people up to the stage to play. When he picked the gutarist he asked: "Have you ever been laid?" he replied with a "no" and Billie said: "Well, your going to get fucked tonight!"

The bass player got to crowd surf and the 11 year old gutarist got to keep the guitar and was told to get his Virgina ass off his stage. Then he sparyed everyone in the crowed with giant water guns and he picked someone in the crowd to come and help him.

After that he sung Longview and Basket Case. Then he introduced everyone in the band. When he introduced himself he said: "And my name is George W. Fucking Bush." Everyone including me booed. Then he said "No... My name is asshole." Everyone cheered and laughed. Then he sang Hitchin' a Ride, Brain Stew, Jaded, Minority, Maria and a few others.

Then he sung the song King For a Day and he mooned the everyone twice and the we all went wild. He lied down one the floor with his cape and crown on and he humped the stage. Then he started to sing "You've been so good to me... hmmm."

He sung that a few times and everyone cheered. After that he sang "You know you make me want to... SHOUT." Everyone sang along. Then the music slowed down and he unbottoned his shirt and rubbed his chest and threw his tie into the crowd.

They left and went backstage while everyone was yelling Green Day because of the flash lights that said it. They came back out and play Boulevard of Broken Dreams, She and We are the Champions.

Lights in the background were on a big screen and said "We are the champions my friend and we'll keep on fighing till the end... We are the champions... We are the champions, no time for losers 'cause we are the champions of the world."

Green and white confettie was every where. For their last song they sang Time of your Life. It was certianly the best time of my life.

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