Vancouver, BC General Motors Place, September 26th, 2005

Last night was the alltime best night of my life! Green Day is amazing beyond words and Billie Joe really knows how to work the stage and the audience.

Me and my friend arrived aournd 6:30, found our seats and went to go buy T-shirts (which are aroud $30 if you were wondering), the line, or blob, for Green Day merchandise took about 30 min to get through.

I'd just like to say people need to learn to back up. I got slammed into the counter and we're all stuck in the same situation, so just clam down! While waiting for my T-shirt, Jimmy Eat World started.

It was loud enough that you could hear them outside, the were really good and I don't think people give them enough credit, they were pretty damn awesome.

They had about a 30 min intermission then on came the drunk bunny dancing to the YMCA and chugging 3 beers, stumbling around and falling on his ass on the catwalk.

The flags on the side of the stage went up and Green Day came out, everyone was going nuts and they started right away into American Idiot.

Next they played Jesus of Suburbia and Holiday to which Billie Joe said: "This song isn't anti-american, it's anti war!" That song ended in a round of fireworks and flames, which I could feel the heat from in the top row, they must have been roasting!

Billie Joe is awesome and incredibly high energy demanding your attention, several time going and signaling for us to shout and scream and jump around.

Then yelling 'Stop' and just laughing and then spraying the crowd with the giant water gun. They then played 3 of their older songs. Tre sang his song and during one Billie Joe was like: 'Okay, I want you to go "ohhhhh" and "ahhhh" like sex noises, so he starts rubbing his belly, lower... and lower... like with his hands in his pants and like moaning then yelling: "Somebody f*** me!" And "I think I need to get naked!" And the mooned the audience!

I thought that was so funny, and hot, he is so sexy and crazy to do that onstage! Then they played Shout and everyone was screaming along and Billie Joe stops mid song and just, lies down on the floor, then starts humping the floor, so priceless!

While lying on the floor he got his cape and crown and sang King For a Day, then they brought 3 people onstage to play. And when the guy to play guitar came on, he hugged Billie Joe and he grabbed his butt and gave him his guitar.

They did Wake Me Up When September Ends, Billie Joe dedicated it to the victims of hurricane Katrina and he told evryone to get out their lighters and phones and they had them dim the lights, it was so moving.

Then they sang We Are the Champions and Minority. Then he was like: "I love you!" and was blowing kisses, the confetti cannons and fire works and flames went off and they all went offstage.

The sign over the stage kept flashing Green Day, Green Day so the crowd went with it and they came back on to play Maria and Boulevard of Broken Dreams then Tre and Mike left the stage and Billie Joe sat alone on the catwalk to end the show with Good Riddance, yelling: "Good night Vancouver, Canada, I love you!"

And that was the end. It was the most awesome concert I have ever been to. They put on an incredible show and I highly reccomend going to see them live.

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