Vancouver, BC General Motors Place, September 26th, 2005

This was the bestest night of our lives!!! My friend and I arrived around 6:30 PM and it was fairly crowded but not too bad.

We first found our seats and then instantly headed to go buy T-shirts. We waited in line for roughly half an hour and missed most of Jimmy Eat World which started at seven but was pretty loud so we could hear it in the line up outside the stage. We got in for the last two songs of Jimmy Eat World and they were pretty good.

Then they had a good half hour intermission. Then the pink drunk bunny came on, chugging 3 beers, staggering around and dancing to the YMCA. We have a theory that that was Billie Joe.

Then the lights dimmed and Space Oddesy came on and then Tre Cool, Mike and Billie Joe!!!

They started right away into American Idiot. Then Jesus of Suburbia which ended in awesome pyrothechnics. Then We Are the Waiting and Holiday which Billie Joe said isn't anti-america, it's anti-war.

They took a 5 second break and Tre sang one of his short songs. Then they sang Hitchin' a Ride to which Billie Joe started his famous jerking off skit, getting the crowd to make sex noises and then he was moaning and screaming.

He continued mooning the audience and throwing his tie and top shirt into the audience he was wearing 2 shirts, sadly :) Then he sang Shout and decided to lie down on the floor and humped it, then just lied there singing.

He got his cape and crown and finished shout and started King For a Day. Then they did Longview and brought people on stage to play, Billie Joe grabbing the guitar player and giving him the guitar and telling the drummer to do a stage dive.

They sang Basket Case, Wake Me Up When September Ends, We Are the Champions, Letterbomb, Warning and ended with Minority, with the confetti cannons going off, but that was not the end.

They went off stage but the sign kept flashing Green Day, Green Day, finally the crowd got it and started yelling Green Day and they came back on for an encore.

They came back on and sang Maria, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and then Billie Joe sang Good Riddance and the show was over, but it will forever remain in our memories as the best freaking concert on the face of this planet and the best night of our lives!

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