Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome, September 25th, 2005

It was my friend Ryan and my first concert. We almost went to the Everett one in November but we both had basketball. The day the tickets for this came on sale, we got 'em. We didn't get GA because I'm not really big enough and we just wanted to kinda chill and have a good time. We were still pretty damn close.

We arrived about 3 hours before the gates opened because the lady at the hotel told us it would take forever to get there (it took 7 minutes). So instead of doing all the free stuff with the radio stations (which I now regret) we went and ate. We came back about an hour and a half later and tons of people were there. (On a side note, don't wear American Idiot related clothing to the concerts, it makes you look stupid, just like I looked)

We got our merchandise right away (highly recommend it) and sat down. Jimmy Eat World started right on time... But sounded awful. Not the greatest performance ever but I didn't care.

Finally the big moment came. I don't think my heart has ever beated faster. I finally saw my heroes (cheesy I know). When American Idiot came on, I was pumped. I went crazy and my friend jus kinda stood there. Jesus of Suburbia was next. It was one of the best performances of the night. Holiday followed and it was awesome to hear everyone scream when Billie Joe yelled out: "This song is a big FUCK YOU to George W. Bush". Are We The Waiting followed and Billie Joe told us how he played a show in Olympia in which Kurt Cobain was outside. He also told us that Longview's name came from the city Longview (located on the bottom of Washington). Who knows if i'ts true. St. Jimmy had a ton of energy and was really great sounding.

Longview was one of the best of the night. When he has everybody yell: "When masturbation's lost its fun...", everybody yelled it out. Then they faded it into All By Myself which I was soooo pumped about. Hitchin' A Ride came next and Billie Joe's masturbation part was quite amusing.

I'm not going to keep blabbing because everyone knows how great of a performance it was. King For A Day/Shout was my favorite preformance. I wish they'd take out We Are The Champions, but I'm not complaining. When Billie Joe did his Time Of Your Life out there by himself, it cappe doff the evening. All in all a great show.

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