Barrie, ON Molson Park, August 11th, 2005

Green Day was more fucking amazing than amazing. The concert started at 7 PM with Anti-Flag. They were pretty good. They played for about 30 minutes and then the crew set up for Jimmy Eat World (the second opener). They came on at 8pm. They got the crowd ready for GD. At 9pm, the pink bunny came out with a bottle of beer; at least, that's what it looked like. He looked super drunk and walked around for about 5 minutes. He got everyone singing "YMCA". Once the bunny left, everyone started chanting "Green Day" and finally, Billie Joe, Tré and Mike came running out bursting out the tunes of American Idiot. Here's the songs I remember they played:

-American Idiot
-Jesus of Suburbia
-Are We the Waiting
-St. Jimmy
-Hitchin' a Ride
-Wake Me Up When September Ends
-King for a Day
-Shout (cover)
-Stand By Me (cover)
-Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)

-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
-We Are the Champions
-Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)


-During Holiday, he started off screaming "This song is not anti-American, it's anti-war."

-BJ: "My name is George W. Bush." (boos) "My name is asshole." (cheers)
-He got the crowd shouting "1, 2, 1, 2 ,3, 4!" during Hitchin' a Ride.

-I loved how the background kept dropping from the Warning sign to the huge screen that let down bombs during Holiday to the lights and the huge Green Day sign. The pyrotechnics were amazing. Especially the flames and the massive sparklers on Wake Me Up When September Ends.

-Billie Joe 'masturbating' on stage. At first, he was doing the 'hey-o' thing and then he started saying 'o' and we kept repeating til we all realized what he was doing. It was hilarious. Of course, the 'o's kept getting worse and then he pulled his hand outta his pants and smelt it and said something. He laughed afterwards.

-Billie Joe mooning everyone twice during King for a Day. Also, I loved Tré's old grandma style hat. He turned that song into Shout which was fucking awesome and then that song into Stand by Me. He had taken his tie off and half his shirt was unbuttoned. He lay on the stage with his cape and crown on and started singing Stand by Me. Then he turned it back into Shout. Awesome twist!

-The 3 people he chose to do Knowledge were amazing. When he picked the guitarist he asked him, "How old are you?" "17." Have you ever been laid?" Obviously, the guy said no cuz BJ yelled, "Well, you're gonna get laid tonight!!!" and then he kissed the guy on the lips. The guy was fucking shocked. Anyways. The drummer got so into it and had started doing his own thing. The guitarist was belting out the tune with BJ and he was almost grinding with the bass player. It was awesome when BJ let the guy have the guitar. The guy was almost in tears and said something about GD being the best band in the world. Afterwards, BJ said "That was the lamest thing I've ever seen." And told the guitarist "Get the fuck off my stage." He told the drummer to do a crowd dive.

-BJ on the Rolling Stones : "You know the Rolling Stones (boos and cheers) Well, we're a little bit better than them. (loud cheers) They were here in Toronto practising. We were there. Keith Richards, who's atleast 60, had the biggest joint I've ever seen. Of course, I smoked it!"

-BJ pulling up this kid who was so fucking high on stage to squirt water at people. Billie Joe made him wave his hands in the air and made the kid do some weird shit and then BJ turned away from him and the guy just kept moving around like a fucking idiot. It was hilarious.

-BJ playing the harmonica in Minority.

-When they walked off seeing the Green Day sign light up Green then Day and the audience cheering it.

-Seeing the most amazing version of Boulevard of Broken Dreams and in the dark. He commanded all the spotlight guys to turn their lights off so that all the audience could put up there cell phone or lighter and wave it around.

-We Are the Champions. It was so cool. The audience was all singing and swaying with the lighters and cell phones. It was amazing. -Good Riddance; the final song. Tré and Mike left the stage after We are the Champions and the spotlight was on him. At the end, fireworks went off everywhere!

-Billie Joe playing his guitar behind his head. That was so awesome.

The best highlight was just actually being feet away from my favourite band of all time. They all looked and played amazingly. The concert even made my dad, an on-the-fence person on GD, want to see them again. They played for 2 hours straight. There's a reason they're still around playing like no tomorrow. Nobody can stop them and frankly, nobody wants to.

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