San Francisco, CA SBC Park, September 23rd, 2005

So I woke up in the morning really excited!!! I called my 2 best friends who were going to the concert with me! We just couldn't wait!

Then at about 4:00 or3:00 PM I took a shower and got ready to go! We stopped at my friends house to see if she and her parents were ready to go. And we were off!

We did not leave early 'cause we live at the beach and San Francisco is just about an hour or 45minutes away! When we got to San Francisco we went to an Italian restaurant and then went to the concert!

We were running in the parking lot listening to Jimmy Eat World! We got in and started jumping up and down 'cause we were in the bathroom line and it was really long!

We heard everyone cheering and we ran to our seats! I was in section 328 and my friend was in 326 (I know we did not get great seats). We started rocking out to American Idiot and I was like "OH MY GOD" and "THIS IS SO COOL!!!" the whole time! I was just way too excited!

My dad and I were rocking out and cheering at Mike, Billie Joe and Tre! I was singing along to all the songs! I love how Billie Joe puts his pants down in their concerts, it's so funny! I was watching the little puppet wizard that was on the stage next to Tre!

I met the guy who got Billie Joe's guitar! His name is Javier and he is Peruvian! My dad is Peruvian and I am part Peruvian so my dad was talking to him in spanish and I said 'Hi' to him and bumped in to him and he got touched by Billie Joe! He is so cool he has a mohawk and I remember him being short but I don't know!

I bought a Green Day heart grenade shirt that says 'American Idiot'. And the free poster they were giving out at the end of the show.

When we were walking back out to the parking lot, me and my friend started to kiss the Green Day Tour Bus and started rubbing against (I know, weird right?). I still have my Green Day tickets and put them in a Green Day album I made.

I will always remember that concert and it was the first concert I ever went to in my life. So my first concert was of the best band in the world!

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