Auburn Hills, MI Palace Of Auburn Hills, September 10th, 2005

My dad and I both went to their concert in '06. We had to get searched and they took away our camera but the people with cameras phone could keep theirs...

So we get into our seats (not the best but I know my parents really tried to get the best they could and at least I was there). So.. The lights dimmed and Jimmy Eat World comes on the stage. I didn’t know a lot of their songs but I did. They played for some time.

During that I went to buy a T-shirt and a key thingy. I missed an assload of Jimmy Eat World but the lines were sooooo long but it was fine. I got back to my seat and Jimmy Eat World had stopped and left.

We had to wait a while but during the wait I could see Tre' playing with his drums and that was sweet ass. When the lights went off I got so excited. It's a feeling I can't explain. After 3 years of getting obsessed with them... There they were. Right there.

It was amazing. Before they went on a drunk pink bunny went on stage and danced to YMCA and tossed some stuff. Green Day's opening song was of course American Idiot. It was wonderful. I knew all their songs except for the ones from Kerplunk because I don’t have that CD.

But I enjoyed like hell. It was fucking wonderful. I never enjoyed sweating so much. They had such power and energy. It was moving. I know the people on front of me got very sick of my screaming... But for all I knew it was Green Day and me. When Billie Joe started to moan and groan for laughs, my dad and the rest of the audience did the same thing.

When they played Wake Me Up When September Ends, he asked the audience to pull out whatever glowed bright and wave it. I pulled out my phone and so did my dad. It was beautiful. It looked like a starry night.

The concert lasted about 2 hours and then on the way home (and the way there), we blasted Green Day old and new. I loved every second of it. I stayed home Monday, the concert was on a Sunday so I got to miss a day of school. But when I got there I could keep my mouth shut. It was fucking awesome. GO SEE A GREEN DAY CONCERT. They put so much into their concerts.

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