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My Basic Information

Gender: Female
Birthday: 29 November 1988
Hometown: The violet stripe on a rainbow, Middleton, United Kingdom
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Marcus Stott
Political Views: Bring back Ceaser!!
Religious views: I believe in pixies =)

04/08/11 - The night Marcus proposed Smile

Random thought: The squeaking sound two pickles make when they are rubbed together....

About me... about me..

Well i'm 5ft4 i think, quite small with blue/green eyes, bright red hair and a slim build.

I am half English, half Irish. I also lived in South Africa for a few years, as well as Ireland. Erm.. and I've lived in England for the rest of it. Where i am now and where I'm staying put! On my violet rainbow stripe! =P

I ♥ fancy dress! French Maid, Punk Rocker, Police, School Girl, Angel, Moulin Rouge Outfit, Bumble Bee, Easter Bunny, Leopard, Cheerleader, Hula Lady, Prisoner, Boxer, Harem Girl, Naughty Nurse, Red Riding Hood, Lady GaGa, Black Widow Fever. Marvels Black Widow from Avengers... Those are just a few I've collected over the years in order of purchase. Wink

Other things i like inc Photography, Jelly Tots, Iron Man, Poetry, Cats, Football, Puzzles, COD, Rooster Teeth, Smarties, Films, Bejewled, Make-up Art, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Parma Violets, Going to the hairdressers, Amaretto and Coke, Going to weird places, Pokemon, Funny Websites, Frazzles, Rollercoasters, Dancing, Grapes, Green Day, Sheila O'Flanagan, Cheerios, Magic, Imgur, Nyan Cat, etc....

I'm also very much in love with Marcus. My gorgeous fiance. We moved in together in June 2008 and have a big scary mortgage Wink But its perfection, it really is. We have our fights but at the end of the day it makes us stronger. I love everything about him, he can do wrong in my eyes (except leave the toilet seat up!) Six years and counting...

Charlie (the black one), Davey (the ginger one) and Smudge (the multicoloured one) My three gorge kitties. I would be the ultimate cat lady if Marcus didn't rein me in! Love them to bits Smile

Thats me in a nutshell. A bloody big nutshell!! A mutant walnut shell!! If you've read all this, be very proud of yourself and have a cookie/apple. Whichever your diet prefers... =)


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