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Meh. Cheese
What can I say? Well, to start of; HI Ah I'm Esther, or Lezter, Nougat, whatever. I go by many nicknames :] I've been a member of GSB for pretty long, but I didn't became an active one untill, idk, last summer or something.
I'm a BJ person, I hang around a lot at TPDC. But that doesn't mean that I don't like Tré or Mike. Because all three of them are awesome, and they changed my life. In a good way.
I love Green Day, I really do. I love them. From front to back, and everything in between. I guess you could say I have OCGDD. The only thing is, that I don't annoy the hell out of my friends with any Green Day rambling. Rambling about Green Day is more fun with people who love Green Day as much as you do. Or almost as much, for that matter. So I save up my rambling during the day, and let it out on the people who can take it. (Sorry Muesli if I'm ever annoying xD)

I live for music.
I adore music, I'm listening to it practically 24/7. I do have a guitar, but I have to admit that I don't have that many skills. And I might just not have enough patience Shifty Though I do hope to have an electric one eventually, and be actually able to play Very Happy

some of my favorites:
Others I like:
30 Seconds To Mars ~ +44 ~ Alexisonfire ~ All-American Rejects ~ Anti-Flag ~ The Clash ~ Doe Maar ~ Foo Fighters ~ The Frustrators ~ Gob ~ Johan ~ Linkin Park ~ The Living End ~ Mae ~ The Matches ~ Motion City Soundtrack ~ Nekromantix ~ The Network ~ NOFX ~ NoMeansNo ~ The Offspring ~ Ramones ~ Sex Pistols ~ Sinsemilia ~ U2 ~ The Used ~ The Who ~
And what not? The list goes on and on and I'm constantly looking for new stuff to listen to xD So if there's this great band out there that I missed, let me know Wink

I don't have a MySpace or whatever, so I can't bother you with any other links Cheese


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