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I'm Kelsey Ann. Or, usually known as Finky Jo. I'm a total loser. Seriously. It took me like 10 minutes to fuckin' find my password & name for this site. I obviously don't go here on that much anymore... I'm homeschooled & all that good shit. & I recetly found out that my family & I have moved about 13 times. & in a few days it's gonna be 14. I have no life what'soevah. I can rant about myself for ever. But there's not a lot to say about me... Kinda sad...

I used to go to the school that "10 things I hate about you" was filmed at. Yea, it's not all that great. I'd truely die without my friends. They help me not fully falling apart. I'm also as short as Joey Jordison. If you don't know how tall he is, look it up. If you don't even know who he is, look him up<3. I am a true camera whore. But, I'm not pretty so I don't see how that works out. My brother's a asshole, my sister's a bitch, & my lil' brother's annoying. I'm kinda an odd mixture of the 3.

You can call me a maggot, I don't really advertise it. I usually just call myself a person's who "OMFG!!1!! <33" over Slipknot. & yes, I am fully aware that Billie Joe hates Slipknot & Eminem. STFU.

I'm actually a TOTAL myspace whore. Add me<33

One day, Dana & I will be more glam than Marilyn Manson's & Jeffree Star's love child.

See? I told you I have no life. I wrote all that shit in like 15 minutes.

Music = Love

I doubt you heard most of them. & I don't care of what you got to say about any of them.

Green Day
Blink 182
Dj Starscream
Wednesday 13
Jeffree Star
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13
Marilyn Manson
My Chemical Romance
Gym Class Heros

ect. ect.


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