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Just one thing about me.... the main thing about me... I LOVE Green Day...

I'm not one of those people who loves them for American Idiot
I'm not one of those people who loves them for how they look

I'm one of those people who loves them for the music, the old and the new,
the Slappy and the Idiot.

Don't get me wrong, they are all hot but Green Day's about the music

1039/smoothed out slappy hours is the best album in the world
it's always in my CD player and never out of it
It's always the music I play when getting ready for school

Dry Ice is the best song in the world
The guitar solo is amazing and i am currently learning it
It's the first song i play on my ipod on the journey to anywhere
it's the first song i play on my ipod when going to sleep
The count for this song on itunes is over 1000

My most prized possesion is my drumstick signed by Green Day
it goes
Mike xBilliex Tre Cool
The word Tre Cool makes a smily face
Mike's signature is a big scribble
Billie has x's at the side and a line underneath
i love it

[color=green]I love my Green Day montage
A big poster of Green Day with their album covers and lyrics stuck to it[/colour]

My wardrobe has nothing but pictures of Green Day on it

I love my room, along with a Ramones and a Sex Pistols poster I have 4 Green Day posters, including a massive version of the Dookie cover

My Green Day Cd's have an entire shelf to themselves because they are that special

I love my picture of Billie Joe i drew for my art homework
it got 10A,
the best it can get
the highest mark i've ever got in art.
I'll post it on here one day =]

All this aside....

I LOVE Green Day

and always will



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