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Krazed -Skittles?!-

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Hi, My name is Insanity, how may I help you? I'm in love with a vampire. i'm random and simple most of the time and i adore green day. Lots of people hate me because I'm weird, or because I'm different from them. I'm addicted to lots of stuff. Not drugs, you stupid pervert, things like candy, and music and... just stuff... so... yeah... ANYWHO I really love green day. If you are being stupid or a dumbass, I will be a bitch when I am with you, and I will make fun of you. A lot. I am a huge clutz. Im always falling, and dropping stuff, and running into stuff. I ran into a brick wall at Sea World once. Just ran right into it. I talk to myself. It doesn't matter what I'll be doing, i'll just start talking to myself. And when I do it, I don't even realize I was doing it until someone tells me. Sometimes I do it while Im typing... like now. Bush sucks ass. I think that anyone in the world could have done a better job of running a country, and yet, somehow he was re-elected. Just goes to show you how fucked up this country is. Or at least the rich-ass adults who voted for him are. I am pretty smart. Well, I am supposed to be. I have a 4.0 GPA, but I hate school. I don't pay attention, I hate my teachers, and I mess around in class, but I still get really good grades. That seems pretty fucked up to me. I'm an asshole, but I can't help it!!! So don't fucking mess with me!!! And on to a different subject, I am pretty sure I need glasses and I know what kind i'll get, but my mom says that i don't need them and she won't take me for an eye exam.Sad I love MCR. I love those black rimmed glasses like Mikey Way [used to] have, and thats the kind I would get. I love my Princess Frankie, because he is an incredible guitarist. Also because he is a sexy beast and is funny as hell.

A quote from 'Get busy Living Or Get Busy Dying' by Fall Out boy that I love:
'From day 1 I talked about getting out but not forgetting about how my worst fears are letting out. He said Why put a new address on the same old lonliness when breathing just passes the time until we all just get old and die. Now talking's just a waste of breath and living's just a waste of death and why just put a new address on the same old lonliness and this is you and me and me and you until we've got nothing left.'

Oh yeah, I am now in the Tight Pants Club... WOOT go tight pants!

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