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I thought it probably was time to write something about myself at this point.
It's not that I'm enthusiastic about someone reading what I've written.
Oh, fuck it.

I live in a dark and northern place. Well, it's not that dark this time-a-year. Only in the late evenings.
I'm not sure I like it. I mean, it's not a bad place to grow up in, it's just, it doens't feel like I can get somewhere in my life here. I want to explore, ot go to another country.
I wanna go to the states, California more specific.

My biggest goal in life is to finally start to make some music. I've been studying it for about a year soon, and in three years my studies will be finished. I've tried a little already, but it doesn't sound like I want it to sound. I'm too fucked up in all the scales there is.

I'll get somewhere someday.

I've got some inspirations in my life. Or, when I see stuff, I get like a surge of joy, and I wanna to loads of stuff, but in the end, it doens't get me anywhere. Take this morning for an exemple. I watched this Avril Lavigne-documentary on MTV, and y'know, she could do it; write lyrics and do melodies, so why shouldn't I be able to do it. So I tried, but I didn't get anywhere.

I'm just on a bad mood in this state of life.

Back to my inspirations.
I've got loads of friends, cause I have to admit that I'm kind of popular where I hang out, and that's not to sound cocky. But I've got some special ones, that like, gives me the strength to keep get up in the morning.

There's Bella. She's had a rough time through her life, and I know about it. But she trusts me, and I trust her. Every time I see her, my heart jumps of joy. I hope she knows it. She's the best songwriter I know, and she has those eyes. I'm not kidding, seriously, she has the same green eyes as Billie Joe. She's my own Billie Joe.

There's Sara. She makes me appreciate life a little bit more. She's my little miss Sunshine. I've known her for about 10 years soon, and she's one of those people that sort of knows how to read my mind, and even if we don't know it, we really have the same look upon life.

There's Sofia. She's my baby-sister, though we have absolutely no DNA in common. I really feel like I want to look after her, and make sure she doesn't get hurt. I'm probabaly not that good at it, but I'm trying at least. If you see her someday, you will thing she's the prettiest thing ever, because she really is beautiful, and her singing-voice is perfect.
She a real star.

There's Robin. He's one of those people I really never thought I would ever get to know, but poof, there he was in town where I met him, and asked if he was going to the movie-marathon, and he actually talked to me, like he liked me. And I can truly say that I love him, because he makes me feel so good about myself just by looking at me. You're lost if you look into his deepbrown eyes. Oh, I could praise him and his charm all day. I'm just not sure he know that he is so wonderful himself.

There's Ellen. I've known her for about 10 years soon, and she's been my best friend for 7 years. That's really a long time. There's something special about that person. She might not be the most outgoing person in public, but when you get to know her, she's the most likeable lady that's ever existed. Her laugh is to die for.

There's Maja. She's also a person I've known for about 10 years, and been my best friend for around 5 years. I've had some difficulties with understanding some things she's stood for, but now I understand her more than anything and what she tolerates. She's really one of a kind, and a very strong person with great charisma, and such a beatiful face.

I must be boing you.

There's Björn. I met him some years ago, but then we were just acquaintances. We didn't know each other that well. Then we just started talking on a local chat and on MSN, and we bonded really well. I sort lived in his apartment for a whole week, I was there instead of home in the evenings. The thing is that he makes me feel comfortable around him, and that's a killer-quality.

There's Erik, also known as madrigal. As with Robin I really never thought that I would know him better than just a shallow friend does, but we talked, and learned stuff about each other. We went on a new years-camp together, and it almost felt like we were siblings. I know him inside and out (though I'm not sure all the time what he's thinking) and hopefully he feel comfortable around me.

There's Hampus. Actually, I've not known him for such a long time. He's been friends with my best friend Sara for a really long time, and I've met him through her. But, he got my MSN, and we talked a little. Then I met him one day, talked a bit, and after that we talked more and more on MSN. I went to him like 00.30 in the morning, just for ice-cream, and I went with him to his family's cabin for midsummer. He's really something special, and I like him, so bad.


'Nuff about my friends.

I've listened to Green Day for like 1½ year now. The first time I really heard them was when I saw the Minority-video on MTV, and it was kind of cool. And my mother bought International Superhits, but I never really listened to it.
Then the American Idiot-era came on. That was kind of cool as well, but I didn't like Boulevard of Broken Dreams that everyone was talking about. On my 15th birthday my mother got me Bullet in a Bible, and that was REALLY cool. I watched it a tone of times.

I was stuck, really stuck. My friends though it was a phase, but as you see, it's not over yet.

I could talk about that I've heard all their songs, and know a lot of their lyrics, but I'm not gonna get into that right now.
It's really about them as persons, 'cause they really are people to look up to. Sure they've done some bad shit, but it came out really good, right?

I actually don't have to stand up for them when people are talking shit about them, 'casue I know they're wrong about everything. How should they know? They don't even listen to their music, and if I like them, then that's my business.

People know so little, y'know.

So you see, I've got goals, ambition and reasons to get where I want to get.



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