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Well I'm Brittany but call me Jade.

Info: Well I'm pretty much a loner but I do have a few friends. I find myself alone a lot of the time. It's depressing but it's whatever. Iv'e never had a boyfriend and want one very badly. I can be shy if i don't know you but if were friends and stuff i can be crazy and stuff. I can't spell at all. I like listening to music a lot. Im not as obcessed with Green Day as I used to be.

Loves: Knee high socks, music, hot topic, old GSB, the smell of cinnamon, guys in eyeliner or girl jeans, feeling loved, talking on the phone, fuse, Degrassi, that feeling of freshley shaved legs, fatning and sugary stuff. Some other stuff I'm too lazy to type.

Hates: judgemental people, mean/rude people, bullies, school, racist, people who go with what everyone else is doing just cuz everyone else is doing it, people who think if a lot of people are doing something then it must be the right thing. the feeling of lonleyness. TRAVIS>333.

Hobbies: school chorus and drama club. ummm writing stories (not neccessarily on GSB), talking on the phone ....

Quotes: "School is practice for the future. Practice makes perfect. No one's perfect so why practice?"

"Falling in love is not finding someone you can live with it finding someone that you can't live with."

Music: Green Day...Papa Roach...Hawthorne Heights...Senses Fail...Crash Romeo...30 Seconds to Mars...Psychostick...Underoath...Unk...AFI...Black Eyed Peas...Blue October...Breaking Benjamin...Bullet for My Valentine...Christina Agularia...Dem Franchize Boyz...Trapt...Fall Out Boy...Taking Back Sunday...Gwen Stefani...Hoobastank...Linkin Park...MCR...The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus...Rise Against...Stone Sour...Saois...Hidden In Plain View...others


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