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_____hey. im liz. boston is my hometown. red sox are fucking amazing. i go to manhattan school of music for classical voice performance. the yankees fucking suck. im now a sophomore but its all very rigorous. i enjoy it though and im going to have a great few years out of this school. anyway. music has always been that one constant in my life. of course without it, i would feel lost but luckily, its given me skills transferable to any life plan of mine. plus, it just makes me happy. other than music, im really just a normal 20 year old with aspirations bigger than the average teenager. opera is my thing but hey, i love every kind of music. specifically celine dion, josh groban (as everyone on here knows) and a bunch of other stuff.
_____green day was the first actual rock band i got into. i had always been singing things such as broadway and ballads from the time i was little but my best friend i discovered this band and it really did change the way i did and said things, and ultimately, the way i viewed life. obviously at a preteen age, there is this undying love for the musicians you listen to and i was sucked into the talent billie, mike and tre exuded from the moment i heard those lines, "it's something unpredictable but in the end it's right" to their consecutive successes today. i truly admire them. they made me tougher, more edgy and a lot more confident with my singing. if billie could do it, why couldnt i? they helped me break my way onto the stage without having any insecurities and i am truly grateful.
_____as for my other tastes, let's just say i like older men. i mean primarily 30's - 50's. i have never liked anyone my age and its not because i think it takes longer for guys to mature. i just never found anyone my age attractive. its probably selfish or picky but i guess its how my brain functions. i mean older guys like my fathers age or a little younger. christopher meloni, hugh laurie, greg kinnear, just to name a few are some of the men i find attractive; but that's just celebrities. we wont go any further. other things about me, hmmm. i love to write; whether its poetry or storylines, something to express thoughts with pen and paper. i love spending time with my friends because we are all completely crazy together. i have had a lot of tough times and situations in my life but ive come to realize that when i go to sleep at night, i get to wake up and do everything i love over and over again.



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