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Matteh Malicious
Your mothers panties.

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My name is Matthew but to you it's Matteh.
I was born in the 13th of July, 1991.
I'm way more gay than bisexual, so if I ever date a girl she'd be pretty lucky.
I absolutely love My Chemical Romance and Frank Iero is my idol.
I'm a really boring person so you probably don't want to know me.
I don't have many friends. Quite sad really.
Only send me a friend request if I like you, or prepare to be declined.

Morreh is, by far, the best girl I've ever known. When she's around there's never a dull moment. She's such an interesting person with lots to say and gives me link to read slash. Our random conversations are the funnest! Morreh is just so amazing and I love her with every ounce of my heart.

Joey gives the most wonderful advice and he's helped me more than anyone ever has. It's such a relief to finally talk to him again after ages. Joey's one funny guy who's terrified of spiders. O_O

Omg Kim! There's never a boring moment when she's around and I love the fact that she's so understanding and helpful. She loves every single one of her friends to bits and she's so awesome. XD I love Kimmy.

Dylan and Camdom are the cutest couple ever. They deserve eachother more than anything and I hope they last a lifetime.


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