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i never liked my life that much,it just keeps getting worse. it was great at first,until my mom and dad gave our dog away. she was very nice to me,she played with me,and well she was my best friend. when i went to preschool i only got two friends and only one played with me. when i got to kindergarden i bearly saw my friend from preschool,but i made a new best friend. mabye that was a little good and i may have made new friends but none of them could make me happy again from losing a friend. but i made a friend that changed my life he made me believe that life may suck but its good to live he was the best friend i made in frist grade. i found out he was right in secend grade when i met a really nice girl,i started to like,but then i met a mean boy,he told lies to the theacher saying that i was calling him names,i told her i didnt but she didnt believe me when i got i gave my mom the note saying that i called him names but i told her that i didnt and she believed me,but i still had to deal with that boy,i was sure he liked the girl that i liked i asked to be her dargon she said yes perfect now i can be around her more often and away from the boy! so i stayed around her a lot and that helped, but he invited me to a birthday party my mom made me go,im pretty sure he did that to gain my moms trust and it worked but he didnt expect me to invite him to my birthday party he didnt come i knew he was up to his tricks,and he was he got the girl to trust him and asked to be her dragon and she said yes and that was bad i couldnt get near now she said i wasnt her dragon anymore i just gave up but i did a stronger attack then the boys i told her i liked her mabye my life did get better i made a new best friend,or mabye my life got worse now he and another best friend is moving now i have just one best friend! two of my best friends moving i cant believe my life just got worse i have no idea what to do but i know i will think of a plan i always do! time to get my brian with the plans started up and ready to go and start thinking of a plan to stop them from moving but how can i think up two plans at once!? oh no.


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