Killslay Steelclaw
cambridge, england

Member since July 25th, 2007


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i love all the dark things in life
i love music
i love art
i sing
i taught myself guitar
i draw
i paint
i write
i live
i love
i laugh
i get severely depressed
i am suicidal
i wouldn't be here if it weren't for mcr, gc, gd, and countless others, and my friends
i am a satanist
i make my own clothes
my favourite flowers are dead red roses
the girl i fell in love with committed suicide on the night of the 30th of october 2006 aged 16
i am bisexual
i love too easily
i've been fucked over way to many times to count
i have my addictions
i have my vices
i have my virtues
i belive that when we die that's it
i have a bleak outlook on life
i am pessimistic
i can be optimistic
i only regret one thing
apart from that, i regret nothing

in other words i am a normal person. if you dont like that, then i have no time for you. if people get to know me, they will find out that i am incredibly loyal. i will not abandon any that i love. but if a person hurts me i will have my revenge.

you can find me at the following places :

killslay, quizilla

killslay-steelclaw, deviantart

Killslay, myspace

Killslay-Steelclaw, Good Charlotte

Killslay, Radiant

Killslay-Steelclaw, mibba


oh and in case anyone is wondering, my info on most places is the same as i am one and the same person and it's easier to duplicate info like this. i also have a photobucket account but if you come across a Killslay anywhere else then its not me unless it's listed here with a link


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