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*is figuring out this coding thing*
Wait a sec...YAY

Her name's Tedi
Tedi is what they call her. How she got the name is a very complicated and weird story. o.o She may be considered the shy and quiet one at school, but can be really insane once you get to know her. The fact that she's typing in third person right now should tell you that she may be a little out of it. Also, she finds it hard to describe herself when talking in first person. She hates the fact that everyone thinks she's some sort of genius. She's not. When people hear that she's "quiet" they automatically think "OMG THE SMART ONE!" No, her grades are average and they're not getting any better than that. So she came here, to this board, because of her infinite love for Green Day. Please hit her over the head with a fish if she becomes too nice and annoying. She does that sometimes. She’s not witty or clever or the least bit creative. But that’s cool, because she’s happy.

The Music She Loves
I have to thank music for pretty much saving me from a life of being a couch potato that does nothing but plays video games all day. Of course, I have to thank my wonderful cousin, Brent, for showing me music and getting me American Idiot for my 12th birthday. Ever since I was on a hunt for all the other albums and a few months ago my hunt was complete. ^-^ Let's see, so some of my favorite bands are:
Green Day
The Offspring
The Who
The Clash
System Of A Down
The Network
The Ramones
Shiny Toy Guns
Fall Out Boy
The Misfits
The Aquabats
Dropkick Murphys
The Adicts
Vice Squad
And some others as well…


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