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~Hey, thar. :3 My name is Breanna, but you can all just call me Bre. (It's preferred, y'know?) Anywho, I'm currently thirteen years old, and living in good ol' New York state. No, not in the city, so don't even ask. I was born on April 18, in the year of '95.
~I have brown hair, brown eyes, and lots of freckles. My teeth aren't all that straight, but I'm hoping to be getting braces some time soon. :]
~I'm quite random, and fairly outgoing, when it comes to certain things. x] Although, with most things I'm actually pretty shy, so...Um...I usually seem happy, as I am quite often hyper, but usually I am not actually hyper. Eh, I don't purposely act happy, I just am that way. Besides, I suppose I just don't want people to worry about me. ::shrugs::


~Okay, so, I'm really bored, and I guess I'm gonna make a 'Favourites' section. Ha.
~So, my favourite band is The Used, and my favourite song by them is prolly Sick Hearts from their new album Shallow Believer.
~My favourite things to do are listen to music, be with my friends, eat (lol), watch Invader Zim, get on DeviantART, go horseback riding, and much else.
~My favourite shows are (in order) Invader Zim, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, CSI, and various others I cannot think of at the moment...
~Ooo! And I am absolutely obsessed with yaoi. :3 (In case you don't know, yaoi is ManxMan relationships.) I don't particularly like much yuri (girlxgirl), however I do find some interesting. :3


~Oh, wow. One of my favourite things EVER. I absolutely am obsessed without music to the point where I (literally O.o) could not live without it. Pretty creepy, eh? So, anyway, I love all sorts of music. I'll listen to all sorts of genres, so I guess you could say I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to that sort of stuff. My mom says it shows that I'm intelligent. I dunno...

☠Fav. Bands☠

♪The Used♪Rise Against♪Skillet♪Simple Plan♪Green Day♪Toy Box♪Metallica ♪Godsmack♪Dixie Chicks♪Rascal Flatts♪System of a Down♪Korn♪Linkin Park♪Goo Goo Dolls♪Utada Hikaru♪Asian Kung-Fu Generation♪And many more...♪


Firstly, a disclaimer: the definition was stolen from my friend, Kristen. (Whose screen name is Frankie.Cullen) I hope she doesn't mind, but I found it pretty nifty. :]

Friend[n]: Someone who you can relate to; A person you can talk to about almost anything; Those people you can act stupid with and not care about anyone else who's watching.


☠Kristen:☠ I haven't known her all that long, but her and I make freakin' awesome role play buddies! :] She's really random, and can cheer me up easily. x] She's an awesome friend, and she's really smart and pretty. ^^ I envy her. >.>

☠Brett:☠ Well, what can I say? I've known him since he moved to my town, in second grade, and he's been an awesome friend. He's actually a lot like a brother to me. He's really smart, and funny, but he gets himself into trouble a bit too much. x] But he's awesome, and I hope I never lose him. :3

☠Katie:☠ This girl is so freaking awesome. She always cheers me up and makes me smile, and she's always there for me. She's a bit different from me, so we've had our moments, but the power of friendship helped us out. :]

☠Mercedes:☠ Merce-Chan (my nickname for her) is really nice to me, and she's an awesome friend. I don't think we've ever fought. We are quite similar; she's random, and so am I, she's hyper a lot, and so am I, etc. She always seems to be there, and she rocks. :]

☠Scotty:☠ Aw, geeze. Where to start? :] Scotty is an AWESOME friend. He's really funny, and he's so much fun to be around. I can't even find the words to describe him! x] He just...Rocks. ^^

To end this, how about I put a bunch of random pictures out of my DeviantART favourites on here, eh?

Woo~ Jhonen Vasquez! :]
Omg. I love ZaDR. ^^ (ZaDR = Zim and Dib Romance)
lol South Park. x]
That, my friend, is f*cking shweeeet~ xD
Lookie, it's Nny and Nail-Bunny. :]
Omg. Sorry for maybe making peoples' stomachs churn, but I think she is sexy. @-@;
Aww~ :3 So adorable...::sighs::



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