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Hey You !

Hello, so my name is Rosa, I'm a 16 yrs olr girl from cold Finland. I don't know what to tell you guys, but just so you get to know me a little bit, I'm going to tell you something right now.
So, ummh... Yeah, right, so you can call me Slipper (: And first of all, I'm a shy person, but I love to make new friends. So if you want to you can send me a friend request, or just add me on MSN, or on youtube, or on facebook! (: And my english sucks, I know it isn't that bad but i make few grammar faults..

At the moment im pretty sad, one of my very close friend have just passed away and.. well mady I don't start to talk about it. But my life it pretty messed up at the moment aswell, and having trouble to love Green Day at the same time... So yes, you could say that I' loosing faith in GD. I still love them but not that mutch, they are deep in my heart and it's hard to find them... I still think all the GD guys are smoking hot(!) and stuff. But I think this happend when GD was visiting Finland, and I wasn't able to get to see them.. ):

Well, my life is a bit screwed up but that doesn't mean that there arn't people that I adore, and they are;
Jared Leto, Gerard Way, Billie Joe Armstrong .. And othe people but there is the top 3

With all love,

Ps. Here's something, thats straight from my heart, to Billie Joe... when I used to love GD.. It's finish and you may not understand it, but I keep it here, to remind me for those good days <3 (haha, you could go to google translator and translate it Very Happy)

Oot mun valo pimeässä.
Aurinkoni taivaalla.
Happi, joka pitää mut hengissä.
Oot veri, joka virtaa mun suonissa.
Mun voima, rakkaus ja elämä.
Liekki nuotiossa.
Jännitys mun elämässä.
Oot ihminen, jota identiteettistä ei ole.
Päivä päivältä oot mulle tärkeempi.
Ja sun takias mä haluun elää.
Vaik' taivas putoais niskaan, oot silti mun Jumala.
Rakastan sua mun koko sydämellä ,Billie Joe Armstrong .



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