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Hey Everyone! My name is Shania and I really love Green Day! I'm very OBSESSED with green day I have been scince I was 9 and now I am 14 years old. So, I hope you like me and my layouts and I hope you add me as a friend. I love you guys and most of all Billie and Green Day! Anyways, Long Story SHORT


1. Know more songs than just "Americian Idiot", "Holiday, & their songs that only play on the radio & were made within the last few years.
2. Know the names of each and every one of the band members.
3. Know that Billie is spelled with an 'ie', not a 'y'.
4. Shout "YES" when they hear a Green Day song playing.
5. Know Tre's real name.
6. Know what The Bullwinkle & Cheech is.
7. Punch cousins/brothers/parents/ friends for dissing Green Day.
8. Like the band not only because they think that Billie/Mike/Tre are hot.
9. Know what Billie loves to do while singing "Hitchin' A Ride".
10. Post this on their profile.
11. Can sing Green Day songs in their sleep.
12. Like to watch Bullet In A Bible over and over again.
13. Get pissed off when Green Day doesn't win an award.
14. Will wait for the new Green Day album no matter how long it'll take for it to come out.
15. Hate "fans" that think that American Idiot is Green Day's first album.
16. Overreact when they see stuff related with Green Day.
17. Know Green Day's old name.
18. Would die if they saw Green Day in concert.
19. Hate it when people spell "Green Day" as one word.
20. Know what "Green Day" means.
21. Don't make a big deal about Billie/Mike/Tre's sexuality.
22. Can recite the track listing for every one of Green Day's album.
23. Know that Reprise is NOT the first label that they signed to.
24. Know the name of the drummer before Tre.
25. Know that Dookie IS NOT their first album.
26. Know that the hidden track in Dookie is called "All By Myself", and not just some random song about masturbation. (That's what Scott thought)
27. Love them even when they don't wear guyliner.
28. Want Billie/Mike/Tre to be happy (as in, not
wanting their families to separate, although some already have).
29. Have listened to Green Day songs 24/7 AT
NoBoDy LiKes YoU EveRyoNe LeFt yOu THeY'rE aLL oUt WiTHouT YoU HaViNG FuN
HeiNekEn FucK ThaT ShiT!!
I CaN SucK My oWn- TrE COoL
CoMiN At YoU On ThE CouNt Of 1,2...1,2,3,4
DicKhEad,FuCkFacE,CocKSMokIn MotHeR FuCKiN AsShOlE, DiRty TwAt, WasTe oF SemEN, I HoPE YoU DiE
Your just, a FUCK
I can't explain cause I think you SUCK
I'm taking pride
In telling you to FUCK OFF AND DIE
Oh yeah, did I mention... I was all by myself
"All I got in mind is a Boone's Farm jug of wine"-Billie Joe (Ballad of Wilhelm Fink)
FeRMentEd SaLmonElLa PoiSon OaK No
PicTuRE SoUnDs oF MoVinG InSecTs So SuRreAl
"Do you have a taste for sex and blood and hate or really good LSD?"-Billie Joe
80 PleAsE KeeP TaKinG Me AwaY
Count down From 9 to 5 Hooray! We're Gonna Die!
ForGeTTinG YoU BuT NoT ThE TimE
AnOthEr WiSe InGrAtE
TheSe HanDcuFF ArE Too TigHt
SenD My LovE A LeTTerBomB To ViSiT Me In HeLL
This is for all the assholes that think green day became sell-outs or emo:
They DID NOT sell out how the fuck did they sell out when the year American Idiot came out it was the number one album I've been listening to green day since their first album 1039 smoothed out slappy hours and they progressed so much its amazing what they can do. They attempted to sing about things that other bands pussied out to sing about because they were scared of what might become of them. Why would you lose respect for Green Day? Because they aren't singing about masturbation, drugs, growing up etc. and their music matured? They did not go emo there is nothing emo about the songs on their newest album at all. The whole album is about rebellion, rebelling against not just the war but the world itself and finding yourself in that rebellion. You have one side of yourself(Jesus of Suburbia) that has hope, believes in love, has the motivation to do something with yourself and become something and then you have another side to yourself(St. Jimmy A.K.A badass mother fucker) that doesn't really understand anything or the reasons why people do the things they do and get fed up and go on a full blown rebellion against everything. It's about those two sides of yourself conflicting with one another fighting and deciding which one will take control. Now I could get really in depth with the American Idiot album and write probably a 10 page paper on the whole meaning of the album and the storyline......which is another thing, people that don't like the album mostly don't get the storyline whatsoever. So in conclusion actually know what your talking about before you go and say stupid shit.

*•. .•** Billie Joe Armstrong*..*
/.•*•.\,.. •¤**¤•., . •¤**¤•.*

*•. .•** Mike Dirnt*..*
/.•*•.\,.. •¤**¤•., . •¤**¤•.*

*•. .•** Tre Cool*..*
/.•*•.\,.. •¤**¤•., . •¤**¤•.* EQUALS GREEN DAY!

Billie Joe Armstrong:
-"School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect, and nobodies perfect, so why practice?"
-"This song's off our album. It's called Kerplunk. It's kind of in line with the shit thing, ya know, it's like you take a dookie and it kerplunks in the toilet."
-"Never run in the rain with your socks on"
-"I never thought that being obnoxious would get me where I am now."
When he's drunk and partys
When he kisses other guys
When he makes that hot face and squints his eyes
When he does anything even if its gross like farting
He is the funniest person
He laughs at his own jokes
He wheres that guyliner which is HOT ONLY ON HIM AND TRE COOL
He is not afraid to get in a fight
He's a son of a bitch like he said in his song Saint. Jimmy
He was adorable when he was five
He has looked for love in his song
He is sweet like in the story he told, after he beat up that guy he said, ADRIENNE I'M SORRY, I LOVE YOU, She goes I love you too!
He unbottons his shirt while singing King For A Day/Shout
Haveing a terrible mouth which makes him hot
Talking about sex
His hot Sex jokes!
His hotttt stylish clothes!
His Gibson Guitars and His Blue and Whites guitars
His sometimes skater hair and sometimes spiked up crazy hair!
His Medal/Silver belt!
His red tie when he did American Idiot Makes me wanna pull on his tie and pull him closer to kiss me, HIS WIFE GETS TO DO THAT! LOL Thats good though
When his shirt is off
In the live video when he puts on thoughs pink devil ears!

Let's start off with Billie Joe Armstrong......
Early life
Billie Joe Armstrong was born in Oakland, California, and was raised in Rodeo, California, as the youngest of six children to Andrew "Andy" Armstrong[1] and Ollie Jackson.[1] His father worked as a jazz musician and truck driver for Safeway Inc. to support his family. He died of esophageal cancer on September 10, 1982, when his son Billie was ten years old.[1] The song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" is a memorial to his father. He has five older siblings: David, Alan, Marci, Hollie, and Anna. His mother worked at Rod's Hickory Pit.[1] Armstrong and Mike Dirnt got their first gig at Rod's Hickory Pit during their early years.

Armstrong's interest in music started at a young age. He attended Hillcrest Elementary School in Rodeo, where a teacher encouraged him to record a song titled "Look For Love" at the age of five on the Bay Area label "Fiat Records".[1][2] After his father died, his mother married a man whom her children disliked, which made Armstrong retreat further into music. Armstrong dedicated a song to him called "Why Do You Want Him".[1] At age 12 while attending Carquinez Middle School in nearby Crockett, California, he met Mike Dirnt, and they immediately bonded over their love of music.[1] As a teenager he originally was into Heavy metal music, but became interested into punk rock after hearing the Sex Pistols song "Holidays in the Sun".[3] Armstrong has also cited Minneapolis-based bands The Replacements and Hüsker Dü as major musical influences. Armstrong attended John Swett High School, also in Crockett, and later Pinole Valley High School, in Pinole, California, dropping out on February 16, 1989, one day before his 17th birthday, to pursue his musical career.

[edit] Career
In 1987, Armstrong formed a band called Sweet Children with childhood friend Mike Dirnt at the age of 15. In the beginning, Dirnt and Armstrong were both on guitar, with John Kiffmeyer, also known as Al Sobrante, on drums[4], and Sean Hughes on bass. After a few gigs and a demo recording (later featured at the end of Green Day's Kerplunk!) Hughes left the band in 1988. At the same time Dirnt switched to bass and they became a 3-piece band. They changed their name to Green Day in April 1989, allegedly choosing the name for their fondness of marijuana.[4] That same year they recorded the EPs 39/Smooth, 1,000 Hours, and Slappy, later combined into the LP 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, on Lookout! Records. Tré Cool eventually replaced Sobrante in late 1990 when he left Green Day in order to go to college. California Punk band Rancid's lead singer Tim Armstrong asked Billie Joe to join Rancid, but he refused due to the progress with Green Day. Tré Cool made his debut on Green Day's second album, Kerplunk!. With their next album, Dookie (1994), the band broke through into the mainstream, and have remained one of the most popular rock bands of the 1990s and 2000s with over 60 million records sold worldwide.[5]

Apart from working with Green Day and side-band Pinhead Gunpowder, Armstrong has proved himself busy in the music world, collaborating with many artists over the years. He has co-written for The Go-Go's ("Unforgiven"Wink and former Avengers singer Penelope Houston ("The Angel and The Jerk" and "New Day"Wink, co-written a song with Rancid ("Radio"Wink, and sung backing vocals with Melissa Auf der Maur on Ryan Adams' "Do Miss America" (where they acted as the backing band for Iggy Pop on his Skull Ring album ("Private Hell" and "Supermarket"Wink. Armstrong has produced an album for The Riverdales, and has also been confirmed to be part of a side project called The Network. The Network released an album called Money Money 2020. Many Green Day fans who listened to the record remarked the similarity between the two bands.[citation needed] Money Money 2020 was released on Adeline Records, a record label co-owned by Armstrong. He also worked with the band U2 with The Saints Are Coming.

[edit] Instruments
Armstrong's first guitar was a Cherry Red Hohner acoustic, which his father bought for him. He then received his first electric guitar, a Fernandes Stratocaster copy that he named "Blue", when he was ten. His mother got "Blue" from George Cole who taught Armstrong electric guitar for ten years. Armstrong says in a 1995 MTV interview, "Basically, it wasn't like guitar lessons because I never really learned how to read music. So he just taught me how to put my hands on the thing". George Cole bought the guitar new from David Margen of the band Santana. Cole gave Armstrong a Bill Lawrence Humbucking pickup and told him to install the pickup in the bridge position. After the pickup was destroyed at Woodstock '94, Armstrong then switched to the Duncan JB model. "Armstrong fetishized his teacher's guitar, partly because the blue instrument had a sound quality and Van Halen - worthy fluidity he couldn't get from his little red Hohner. He prized it mostly, however, because of his relationship with Cole, another father figure after the death of Andy."[6] He toured with this guitar from the band's early days and still uses it to this day.[7] "Blue" also appears in several of their music videos starting with "Longview", "Basket Case", "Brain Stew/Jaded", and appearing most recently in "Minority".

Today Armstrong mainly uses Gibson and Fender guitars. Twenty of his Gibson guitars are Les Paul Junior models from the mid- to late-1950s.[8] His Fender collection includes: Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, Telecaster, a Gretsch hollowbody and his copies of "Blue". He states that his favorite guitar is a 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior he calls "Floyd". He bought this guitar in 2000 just before recording their album Warning.[9]

Armstrong also has his own line of Les Paul Junior guitars from Gibson. He also often uses his signature line in more of his recent tours. Armstrong also uses Gretsch guitars.

[edit] Personal life
In 1990, Armstrong met Adrienne Nesser at one of Green Day's early shows in Fredericksburg, Texas. They married on July 2, 1994, and the day after their wedding, Adrienne discovered she was pregnant. Their first child, Joseph 'Joey' Marciano Armstrong, was born on February 28, 1995 and was named after Joey Ramone. Their second child, Jakob Danger Armstrong, was born on September 12, 1998. Adrienne is the co-owner of Adeline Records, along with Armstrong.

Armstrong has identified himself as bisexual, saying in a 1995 interview with The Advocate, "I think I've always been bisexual. I mean, it's something that I've always been interested in. I think people are born bisexual, and it's just that our parents and society kind of veer us off into this feeling of 'Oh, I can't.' They say it's taboo. It's ingrained in our heads that it's bad, when it's not bad at all. It's a very beautiful thing."[10][11] In a later interview for Out magazine's April 2010 issue, Armstrong stated: 'There were a lot of people who didn't accept it, who were homophobic." (Armstrong's interviewer, Shana Naomi Krochmal, notes at this point that "Fans still fill message board threads with fights about just how gay Armstrong actually is."Wink Armstrong continued saying "The fact that it's an issue is kind of phobic within itself. At some point, you gotta think, this should be something that's just accepted.' Armstrong also added: 'I don't really classify myself as anything. And when it comes to sex, there are parts of me that are very shy and conservative. I want to respect my wife.'[12]

"Working Class Hero"

"Working Class Hero", a cover of John Lennon song, was released on the Instant Karma CD.

Problems listening to this file? See media help.

Armstrong was arrested by Berkeley police in January 2003 for drinking and driving after being pulled over for speeding.[13] He received a breathalyzer reading of 0.17%, more than twice the nation-wide legal limit of 0.08%.[14]

In April 2007, Armstrong and his wife Adrienne sent photos of their spring break working with Habitat For Humanity and a diary to[15]

Armstrong supported Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election.[16]

[edit] Discography
[edit] Awards
Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Green Day
[edit] Green Day
1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1991) -- lead vocals, guitar
Kerplunk! (1992) -- lead vocals, guitar, drums on "Dominated Love Slave"
Dookie (1994) -- lead vocals, guitar, percussion on "All By Myself (hidden track)"
Insomniac (1995) -- lead vocals, guitar
Nimrod (1997) -- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Warning (2000) -- lead vocals, mandolin, guitar, harmonica
International Superhits! (2001) -- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Shenanigans (2002) -- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
American Idiot (2004) -- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Bullet in a Bible (2005) -- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
21st Century Breakdown (2009) -- lead vocals, guitar, piano
[edit] Pinhead Gunpowder
Vocals and Guitar on all

Jump Salty (1995)
Carry the Banner (1995)
Goodbye Ellston Avenue (1997)
Shoot the Moon EP (1999)
Compulsive Disclosure (2003)
West Side Highway 7" EP (200Cool
[edit] The Network
Money Money 2020 (2003) -- Vocals, Guitar
Omega 3000 (TBA)
[edit] Foxboro Hot Tubs
Stop Drop and Roll!!! (200Cool -- Lead Vocals
[edit] Notes
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Now Mike Dirnt........
Life and career
Dirnt was born and raised in California. He was adopted by a Native American mother and a white father. He has one sister, Myla. His parents divorced when he was seven years old. His mother remarried a few years later. When asked about his stepdad, he says, "We didn't get along for years."[1] The one thing my family did give me is blue collar morals. But he died when I was 17."[1] Dirnt had left home when he was 17 to live out of his truck, but later rented a room in Billie Joe Armstrong's house. He attended Salesian High School (where he briefly played with the band Helder and the Heldernauts), John Swett High School, and ended up graduating from Pinole Valley High School in 1990, and Green Day went on their first tour the day after graduation.

However, Dirnt almost didn't graduate. He had missed school because of work, and his mother wasn't around to sign absentee forms. Two unexcused absences caused him to lose a full grade point; and at the end of senior year, he had lowly results instead of the grades he'd worked to achieve. "I took my mom aside and I said to her, 'This is how it is. You have so much stuff going on in your life, so if once every semester you ask me if I've done my homework and jump all over my case, that's not right. I haven't failed yet, have I? And I'm going to graduate if you stay off my back. The one time in your life you choose to have morals, and it's going to mess me up."

Dirnt met Billie Joe Armstrong in 1982, at age 10, in the Rodeo Elementary School cafeteria, a few months before Armstrong's father died of Esophageal cancer. He and Armstrong first founded Sweet Children in 1987, and they then started their current band Green Day with former Isocracy drummer Al Sobrante (a.k.a John Kiffmeyer) in 1989 and then switched to their present drummer, Tré Cool. Some years before, Dirnt moved in with Armstrong because his mother and sister moved away from Rodeo. Dirnt did not want to move away from his new-found best friend and love for music.

Green Day's Woodstock '94 gig was one for the history books: a huge mud fight ensued between the band and the audience. So many mud-covered fans got up on stage by the end of the set that one of the security guards mistook Dirnt for a marauding fan, tackled him, and broke several of his teeth while attempting to haul him off the stage.

He used to play an old Gibson G-3 bass, but during Nimrod., Tré Cool accidentally broke it on stage trying to show fan Brendan Taylor how to spin a bass around his back. Armstrong then sent Dirnt's bass tech out to get him a new bass. It resulted in a '69 Fender Precision Bass. He later asked Fender to make him a custom P-Bass, and the result is modeled after the '51 P-Bass with a '59 Custom Shop "Hot Rod" Split-Coil Pickup, a BadAss II bridge and a thinner neck. It was released in early 2004.

[edit] Personal life
Dirnt has a daughter, Estelle Desiree, who was born in April 1997 (with first wife Anastasia) and has the nickname "Hero", whom he won full custody over in summer 2008 and took her to live in Oakland. In 2004, he married his then girlfriend Sarah. The two divorced that same year. Dirnt also has a son named Brixton Michael with Brittney Cade, born on October 11, 2008. Brittney and Mike were wed on March 14, 2009 in a private ceremony in her hometown of Ojai, California.

Dirnt is part owner and chef of Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, a diner in Emeryville, California.

After the album Warning was released, Dirnt needed surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Last But NEVER least the wonderful Tre Cool......
Life and career
Frank Edwin Wright III was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He lived in Willits, California with his father and his older sister, Lori. His father, a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War, decided to move the family there to insulate them upon his return to the United States.

Wright's closest neighbor was Larry Livermore, who at the time was the singer of the punk band The Lookouts. At age 12, Livermore recruited Wright to join The Lookouts and gave him the name of Tre Cool [2] relying on both the French word très (meaning very)[3] combined with the word cool. However, the silent "s" has been dropped in the spelling, as a play on the "third" in his name.

When Green Day's drummer, John Kiffmeyer, left the band they recruited Cool to play drums. Cool decided to drop out of high school in his sophomore year. Instead, he passed an equivalency test and earned his GED, and began taking classes at a nearby community college. He had to drop out of college, however, when the demands of Green Day's touring intensified.

Cool's father, who owned a small company, overhauled a bookmobile and even served as the driver on three separate tours. "I watched them go from a bunch of kids to a group of musicians with work ethic," he later recalled. "On their first tour or two, it was more of a party than anything else. I still scratch my head and say, 'How in the hell did they make it?' They used to practice in my living room here - a lot of the songs they did on Dookie. You hear it coming together, and you don't expect people are going to go out and buy it. But when it does, you just say, 'Wow that's so cool.'"

In 1998, after Green Day won a "Moon Man" Trophy at the MTV Music Awards, Tré Cool famously scaled the Universal globe at Universal studios, but escaped with no punishment - only compliments and cheers. Cool has been the only person to ever do so.[4]

Tré was once notorious for burning his drum kit, on stage, upon completion of every set on the "Warning" tour. He has a tradition also that if he cracks a cymbal during a concert, he gives it away at the end.

. \....\........... /..../
..../... I....I..(¯¯¯`\
...\.....` ¯..¯ ´.......' ROCK ON! : )





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