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Lt. Sarcasm
Marguerite Winters

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hmmm. i am a person who lives in good ol rainy washington, not the capital, and i love the weather for the most part. the puget sound is my swimming pool and the air smells of salt when i walk outside. my favorite album of Green Day's is probably kerplunk, because i can understand what the lyrics are in most of the songs. i am the proud family member of two delightful dauchsunds, or wiener dogs, and i greatly miss (sniff) my cats. RIP. i recently discovered Green Day last year, which is both good and bad at the same time. i have had a coffee hangover before, five cups in 4 hours is a wee bit to much. I hate the heat and eventually want to move to Chicago. my dream job: being a newspaper columnist for a major newspaper company, or being a field researcher specializing in red wolves. my favorite Green Day song: it's a tie between St. Jimmy and Christie Road. by the way, if you get to know me, you'll find out that the song Uptight was written about me, cause i'm a stick firmly lodged in the mud, and that i am rather sarcastic, or so people say. One thing that i don't like about Green Day is that i think smoking and drugs (even weed) are very bad for you. very bad.

if you ever happen to be in the Puget sound area, i am often out walking with a cup of coffee, one headphone in, and a trench coat on. I have light brown hair and hazely eyes. and i'm taller than Billie Joe and Tre, sorry guys. Razz


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