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Hey! Very Happy My name's Heather, I'm 13 (Finally!) Anyways, I love Green Day and have kinda grown up around their music. I've never been to one of their concerts before (I know, sad) but I'm going to as soon as I can! I can be the sweetest girl you've ever met but if you piss me off, good luck.(: But there might be more information below but you don't have to read it Very Happy Drop a message if you'd like(:

Favorite bands and songs-
Green Day-Warning & Are We The Waiting
Simple Plan-JetLag
Maroon 5-She Will Be Loved
Brokencyde-Low remix
My Chemical Romance-Sing
Linkin Park-PBN' Jellyfish
And lots others(:

And now some inspirational words from me:

Life is like a math equation. It doesn't matter what bullshit you have to go through, the beginning(the equation) is just the end(the answer) in a more complex form. And in life, the beginning is going to be fucking Hell but it wil get better. The answer will come to you and then it's going to be easy, well, easier. You may not get the concept at first and it may take you a few times to figure it out, but, by the end, we'll have this motherfucker figured out without having to count your fingers!

My favorite color is black and favorite combination of colors is purple and black. My favorite show is Fantasy Factory and then Ridiculousness. Rob Dyrdek and Christopher Drama Pfaff are amazing in my eyes. (Though Billie, Tre, and Mike are more amazing)
My favorite brands are vans and DC.
I love the night even though I don't like being alone in the dark.
My favorite holiday is Halloween.
At school, my "stereo-typical label" is punk and goth. That's ok with me though because I know that I'm my own person(:
I don't care what you say to me, and I'm not going to let all the ugly, Barbie-like girls influence me, because in some peoples eyes, I'm 10x prettier then they are.
And by the way, orange tans, yeah. They are not attractive.
I love school. And yes. I'm a nerd. I make straight A's usually. My favorite subject is Algebra. I'm taking it in the 7th grade and can take the SAT's now if I'd like but my parents won't let me(I was disappointed) but oh well(:
I love reading and writing. And also, I play rockband on XBox because it's fun. I LOVE the Green Day one(:
I freaking love traveling as well. I go on vacation with some family ever summer. I've been to Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, California, Florida, Utah, and New York(: Not to mention all the other places I've driven thru(: Some i've been to multiple times. Some not. All have been fun(:

Adrienne Armstrong is my idol. She is beautiful and amazing in everyway. I look up to her, she's my inspiration, and who I wanna be like. One thing that I wanna do before i die is defintly meet her. That would be totally amazing.

"Punk has always been about doing things your own way. What it represents for me is
ultimate freedom and a sense of individuality." ~Billie Joe

"I think I've always been bisexual. I mean, it's something that I've always been interested in. I think people are born bisexual, and it's just that our parents and society kind of veer us off into this feeling of 'Oh, I can't.' They say it's taboo. It's ingrained in our heads that it's bad, when it's not bad at all. It's a very beautiful thing." ~Billie Joe

One other thing i forgot...
(you gotta love Billie)

I'm currently waiting for the days:
May 8 & 20- Green Day comes to Texas! (Dallas to be exact) [I might go if I can!]
June 9- I leave Texas to fly to New York again!! Very Happy


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