A day in the life

Okay... once again I don't journal well, so I'll try to blog again. I need to provide myself with an outlet to what goes on inside my head.

Right now my illness is raging. I have a hard time thinking let alone trying to type something. My head is so scrambled with what's going on that half the time I mistype something.

Like tonight I'm trying to write a new chapter in my story, but I'm having trouble with the basic writing. When i type, I think what words I'm typing as I type. So it's frustrating when I think of one thing and it comes outon the screen as something else entirely. *sigh* And then people get on my ass about writing and they don't understand how hard it is for me now.

If that isn't bad enough my facial tics are out in force. Yesterday I couldn't see correctly becuase the tics under my eyes were going 100 million miles a minute and I could see the actual tic in my field of vision. That's not including the one by my cheek that throbs so much that it hurts.

My major depression is bad and it sucks that the meds I'm taking haven't kicked in yet... 2 months which means maybe by my birthday I'll start to feel better. I wish it was now. I ahte feeling like this.. like a blob which barely moves.

Posted on January 19th, 2007 at 02:39am


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