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Now, when all the kids have sat down on the floor, ready to hear another story, I walk in the room with a book titled as 'GSB'. I open the first page and start reading to little fellows who are looking at me like at an ice cream man.. In a great surrounding it's not hard to tell a story, it's amazing to watch their expressions, their mood changes when a villain shows up.. But relax, for the first time you'll enjoy history..


As the summer was closing to its end, being replaced by a rainy and cold autumn, as the leaves were falling from the trees making a noise, we wound up at home. We sat down on the grey carpet. Out of nothing, we looked at each other smiling and we knew something came up to our minds. We took a piece of paper and a pen and started scratching what our minds told to; a scratch of our first web-site.

As we think alike, we agreed on every detail. But a paper wasn't enough, we needed another challenge, another step to be made; we needed to change a paper with a computer. A little bit of a grey color, a Green Day picture in the right angle, a little bit of a redness.. And our first web-site was done. It certainly looked like a black-white version! But those red links gave it a special glow making it unique and a quote from 'Courage The Cowardly Dog' cartoon gave it its humour.

It was funny back then cause we'd be making a huge party every time we had 20 visits per day :) But the spirits inside us weren't still, they were forcing us to make another, a brand new site. Who could have resisted?! Dujo always had some stashed ideas in his head so letter by letter, day by day, the new GSB was made!

Standard colors remained: grey and red and the white background became a trade mark. I could have spent hours and hours just staring at it and those liquid letters. That was the time when our popularity started raising and the first groups were created; a bunch of people kept on coming to GSB becoming the old GSBians compared to the ones now. It was a way lighter that the first one and overloaded with information.

The surprise was a crowded message board aka. forum. It was something new, something that became so addictive. We have realized it from the start.. So have the others. But those spirits were very lively. All of a sudden, thanks to Dujo's ideas, another GSB was launched. A whole new and so not expected layout surprised us all. In a positive way, of course. Is there another way?! No.

The black background and those grey links made a good combination. Three shadows of Green Day guys were appearing one by one making it look lively all the time. It didn't last long eventhough was fun looking at Green Day guys appearance on the screen.

A few drops of water made that blacky site look a way lighter. Of course, it was a metaphore. So, can you guess?! Was it a fourth version of GSB? Yes. The one with ability of changing your background. You could have chosen between Green Day guys (wasn't it obvious?!) and lovely cat called Leo. Also, you could have arranged it the way you wanted. You could have simply practiced a magic, you could have made windows disappear; made them smaller and barely able to see.

But that wasn't good enough eventhough you could have become so much better wizard than H. Potter. Soon after, a grey background was replaced by the dark blue one but, of course, some things never change, some things always stay red. That blue version was so neat and easy to search. Everything was in the right place. Especially that Green Day picture on the top; it just belonged there, not anywhere else. As I said, everything was in the right place. Except the spirits. They always seem to want more. And they alwasy get what they want.

As the summer was closing in, we let our imagination go and made a totally and so differently different web-site which we simply called a 'Summer version'. It was colorful but light and a rest for your eyes. But still, you could recognize whose work it was. There's knack on every single GSB that lets you recognize it no matter how disguised it is. I call it a GSB soul.


The new ideas were boiling inside trying to find a way out. And they have found it! The new site meant a great comeback to the old colors of grey, red and white. And black. It certainly looks like an encyclopedia. It was awesome from the beginning with a Green Day picture(s) on the top which surely fits in, latest posts on message board on the right and a bunch of links and a hand holding a heart grenade on the left side. A pure encyclopedia for the eyes and a brain!

After some improvements, a perfection became more perfect. Yes, that is possible. Those new icons, that became news's best friends, were a BINGO! It all looks so pure and perfect. And it is. A posibility to be a part of this site raised a higer level; fans can send news, comment them along with the reviews, rate made up stories. It's all so connected. Live journals gave a chance to everyone to get rid of their frustrations and get advice from someone else. But of course, the sweetest thing comes last; you can make your own version of GSB! Isn't it just lovely? It's so lovely that you wanna kiss your screen. So do it, no one will tell, it all stays between us, right kids? Absolutely.

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